Aural Delights – May 11th 2011

On tonight’s show:

1 The Wild Swans -Melting Blue Delicious – Magnitude : touring in June and a new album soon on Occultation.

2 Michael Mooney – Dog – The Machine Made Hand : an Australian living in Canada – sent me this EP via our unsigned page

3 Dave Stephens – Hanging On – Time Will Tell : A Canadian living in America

4 Across Tundras – In the name of River Grand – Sage : Blistering new album from this three piece on Neurot Records

5 Tom Verlaine – A Postcard from Waterloo – The Millers Tale : a 1996 double-CD compilation album. It chronicles his solo career and his career with Television on one CD (including several obscurities) and the other CD is an edited live performance from London in 1982.

6 David Lowery – The Palace Guards – The Palace Guards : the Camper Van Beethoven man’s first solo album.

7 Atlantis – Dream On – Demo : newish band from Liverpool who approached me via our unsigned page.

8 Joshua Ronnay Fisher – Tell Me Your Name – Demo : I know absolutely nothing about this lot other than they are from Wigan and they list Led Zeppelin and The Stooges as influences. Again they sent this in via our unsigned page.

9 And So I Watch You From – Afar Seven Million People All Alive At Once -Gangs : they were at the Deaf Institute last week – missed them unfortunately. Jury is out still for me on this album which needs a couple more listens. One of my preferred post-rock outfits mind you.

10 Atomiks – Triple Zero – Pontiac and Superhonky – The Atomiks preach tirelessly to the faithful time and time again against the evils of an incomprehensible military-industrial complex, while extolling salvation through baptism by bourbon. Marvellous stuff from Reno, Nevada!

11 Bert Jansch – Fresh as a sweet Sunday morning – LA Turnaround : he’s been touring with Neil Young and has a new album called The Black Swan – but this is from his classic album LA Turnaround. Probably one of my favourite albums.

12 Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds – Carry Me Softly – Under Street Light Glow :  a travelling filmmaker and singer-songwriter from Milwaukee.

13 Monster Magnet – Freak Shop USA – Monster Magnet EP : Red Bank, New Jersey’s finest.

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