Aural Delights Radio Show – 23rd August 2011

This show features a significant amount of newer material:

  • Forgery Lit – Toffee Tears – came in through our unsigned page at as did a lot of the bands on this show. Check out there Facebook page for both tracks but  I play but unfortunately very little information at this stage. Impressed by this I have to say, a unique sound
  • Mummy Short Arms – Cigarette Smuggling – along with Kill for Company, the new band of the year for me so far. This was their last release on Flowers in the Dustbin. The new single is later on in the show.
  • Honey – Tang – Taste it and see – another great band from Scotland, I have been featuring this EP for the last few weeks, and rather fine it is to.  A recent interview on the Southside Happenings blog fills you in on more details.
  • Mike Bryant – Colours in the Rainbow – Urgency – you can download his EP for free from where there is a lot more information about this guy who has a unique voice.
  • Clara Engel – Lick My Fins – Secret Beasts –  another singer with a unique approach – check out her extensive back catalogue here
  • Able Tasmans – The Klingon National Anthem – Store in a cool place – another Farley selection from New Zealand.
  • Mummy Short Arms – Change – the new single which is out in September I believe, another example of how marvellous this band are.
  • Sen Segur – Oswald – Pen Rhydd – another band that I have been featuring over the last few weeks – you can get their music from here
  • Forgery Lit – Sofia
  • Mummy Short Arms – Where’s the Mortuary? – the other part of the new single
  • Ektoise – Subquanta – Kiyomizu – impressive Australian band – check out their music here
  • Dave Graney – Night of the Wolverine 4 -Rock and Roll is Where I Hide – an abiding love for this man’s music requires that I play him once in a while. This is a remake of an older Coral Snakes tune on the latest album – details of where to purchase are here – he also has a book out which I must track down.
To listen to the show click the link below

Bits and Pieces – August 15th 2011

And so here we are again…..

  • Very impressed by No Flash who have a new album out called “Corporation Street” via I-Tunes. Unfussy post-punk indie with a sharp guitar sound, a good vocalist and the ability to write good tunes – well worth a listen.
  • Pleased to see some Dischord albums are being released soon – hoping to get to some early promo copies – though I suspect some serious editing will be required for radio play with all the effin’ and jeffin’ i’ve heard on a preview. There will be two albums from the “vault”  released this autumn, Faith Subject to Change plus First Demo and Void Sessions 1981-83.
  • Mike Bryant’s easy acoustic style is worth a listen on his free download here – impressive lyrics and the use of anglo-inflections on his vox set him aside from trans-atlantic copyists – good lyrics too.
  • Very taken with Forgery Lit  from Bristol – a hallmark of a good band is that they do not sound like anything else you have heard before – I’m pretty sure i’ve not heard anything like this – strong lead vox from Ami Martin and a very tight band with some great poly-rhythmic drumming – able to move from emotive balladeering to high tempo indie/rock with effortless aplomb……check out “Toffee Tears” …..
  • My favourite new band of the moment are Kill for Company – a modified guitar (an extra bass string or something like that)  and drums duo from Manchester who able to blend melodic tunes with a brutal mix of math/post/indie with an element of 70s down-town – well worth a listening and you can download their stuff free here – if the world was fair these guys would be huge, and maybe they will be as they certainly are the cohones of the pooch…..