Meeting Miss Lucid

To compliment this weeks Aural Delights Podcast I carried out one of my semi-regular virtual interviews with a band I reckon deserve a wider audience Miss Lucid.

From Aberdeen , based in Glasgow for a while, but now spread between Glasgow, Aberdeen and Brechin, the band has been around since 2011 and took the time and effort to come down to play the Salford Music Festival last year with a blistering and very loud set at The Hope.

They are

Ciaran Thomas (Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics)
Daniel Mackintosh (Guitars, Vocals)
Kevin Smith (Bass, Vocals)
Paul Jamieson (Drums)

Find out more on Facebook or their Website

You can hear both of the bands EPs on this  weeks show and find out what they are all about below.

Miss Lucid

There has been a bit of a gap time wise between “This Life” and “Feed to Breed” – was this down to “uncertainty or insanity”?

Ciaran Thomas: Probably a combination of both! To be honest, it was mostly down to reasons of finance and timing. It’s been a really busy year for us since the last E.P. and we wanted to make sure that we had built up enough of a following to have a bigger impact with this record. We wanted it to be a step up from the last record, so, naturally, it cost more to produce and being a self-financed band, we had to be patient.

Kevin Smith: When you look back at the time between the 2 releases, “that’s a whole year” you think to yourself, but in reality time flashes by so fast it makes a year seem like 2 months.

Daniel Mackintosh: Before the release of “This Life” we’d only played 2, maybe 3 gigs as ‘Miss Lucid’. After it was out we really just got on with gigging as much as possible through-out the year but always had plans to get “Feed to Breed” recorded and ready for release in 2013. It was an exciting first year as band. Far more happened and was achieved on a personal level than anything any of us have previously been involved in.

Where was the EP recorded?

CT: It was recorded at 45 A-side Recordings Studio in the east-end of Glasgow by one of our good friends Sam MacIntosh. We’ve known him for a long time, and he helped us out in some of our previous bands in Aberdeen before he moved to Glasgow. It just seemed natural to record with him, it proved so and I think it comes across.

KS: “Feed to Breed” was recorded within a short space of time whereas “This Life” was more spread out in terms of recording the parts. “Feed to Breed” was more challenging for us I feel.

DM: It’s such a great studio with amazing equipment. It definitely was more challenging working to a tighter time scale and budget but by that point we knew the songs so well that we could just go in and perform them naturally which I think has helped us create an E.P. that sounds truer to our live performance.

The video is very striking visually…who came up with the story/concept? Where was it filmed?

CT: It was filmed in Glasgow with another of our old friends from Aberdeen, James Tew. The concept was a collaboration between both the band and James, however, the aesthetic qualities must be credited to James. He was a pleasure to work with and really brought the whole thing to life.

Just listening again to “This Life” I was struck by the “epic” sound you are able to create with just the four of you – I’m thinking “Another Pathogen” particularly – but then a more considered ambient feel on “Hollow” perhaps showing the breadth of the groups’ work – are you aiming for a variety of styles?

CT: I don’t ever think that it’s a conscious decision. Generally, we just write songs, and they end up how they end up. Basically, we just love being a rock band and all interpretations of rock ‘n’ roll are possible for us. But, we don’t want to breach that pretension barrier where we are ‘breaking down the genre walls’. We’d rather be the defibrillator of rock than creating jazz/grunge/a cappella fusion or some sh*t.

KS: We’re a band you’ve heard a million times before…

DM: …but we just do it better. I joke, i joke….. but seriously. 🙂

“Feed to Breed” has a more open feel to it than “This Life” i.e. more space/more dynamic sound – was the intention to create a “bigger” feel to the sound? There’s a bigger bass sound on “Prey for Love” for example, and the vocals have more presence in the mix.

CT: We’ve always wanted to create a big ‘wall-of-noise’ sound ever since, as star-struck teenagers, going to see bands like Mansun, Oceansize, My Vitriol, Cooper Temple Clause, RX Bandits. It was always those shows that left me personally, not only partially deaf and with harmonic tinnitus, but with a sense that I had witnessed something really special. It was as though you couldn’t escape the sound waves being projected from the stage, totally immersed.

KS: Bigger sound doesn’t always mean louder sound, we’re always looking to blend our sound in a way it feels bigger… in both our live shows and recordings.

DM: It’s important to produce a sound that suits the way the songs sound when played live which I think is what has been done on both “This Life” and “Feed to Breed”. Obviously part of the joy of recording is you can colour the songs in many different shades but it’s still important to not over do it by scribbling past the lines so when people hear us live they mostly hear what’s on the recordings.

Are you touring/gigging at all soon? And will you be heading south of the border again at any time?

CT: We’ve got a good few shows coming up over the summer, mostly in Scotland. But we are playing our first Inverness show, which we are really excited about. And we are also hoping to secure some more shows in England. We’ve applied for the Salford Music Festival again, so hopefully see you again in a few months Bob!

Any plans for an album?

CT: Yes, most definitely! We have 30+ songs, and the album is basically there, although, once again, it comes down to finance and time. But we are hoping that we can have an album ready for release next year.

What’s the music scene like in Aberdeen? Are you able to gig regularly. Any other local bands you want to mention that are worth listening to?

CT: The Aberdeen scene is surprisingly vibrant! I mean, like every other scene in the country, it’s hit or miss but for a city its size it has a very healthy music scene, even if the punters aren’t always there to see it. A good source of local music is Captain Tom’s Studio’s and their label Fat Hippy Records. They release a sampler every year with some of the best local acts that are going in the area, usually about 20 songs on each sampler CD. But, having lived in Glasgow as a band for 4 years, it is obvious that Aberdeen offers things that other places don’t in certain respects. Maybe its just cause its our home and we’ve been going to Captain Tom’s since we were about 14. That’s a good 15 years! Christ! Just realized how old I am! Some bands to definitely check out from Aberdeen would be: Indian Red Lopez, Cielo Rosso, Forest Fires, Stanley, GutterGodz… Oh yeah, not technically an Aberdeen band, Song Of Return. They are from Glasgow, but the singer is from the North-East and a good friend of ours from school.

DM: The promoters in Aberdeen such as Ross Calder (Aberdeen Gig Promotions), Brian Youngson (Fudge Aberdeen) and as Ciaran mentioned Tom Simmonds (Captain Toms/Fat Hippy Records) for years have constantly provided opportunities for local and touring bands to play some amazing gigs in this grey, windy city. They all share the opportunities with love between local bands and friends, there’s not too much “cliquishness” around. There seems to be a general vibe in Aberdeen of bands and promoters who enjoy helping out others and do it all for a genuine love of music. As for bands to listen to, I’d have to add my good friends in Audiockicks to the list. A 3 piece that play some very innocently quirky pop rock for no other reasons than the joy of creating music with friends. You can also listen to the two latest Fat Hippy Records Sampler CD’s on Spotify, just search “Fat Hippy Sampler”.

Any key objectives in the next 12 months?

CT: Get a major record deal, only £1million plus advance (any offers welcome) and take over the world.

DM: As always, continue to better myself as a guitarist and the craft of making music in general whilst having a lot of fun. But mostly, what Ciaran said…

What are you all listening to music wise at the moment?

CT: I still listen to the same stuff I listened to 10years ago, or new releases by those bands! So, I’m probably not the best to ask!

KS: I’d rather not admit to what I’ve been listening to.

DM: I’ll tell you! Ciaran still listens to his collection of Busted, McFly and Avril Lavigne albums and Kev loves a bit of Frank Ocean, he’s obsessed. I’m not even joking about the Frank Ocean obsession. I could name loads, but of very recent I’ve been listening to a lot of The Dear Hunter, Ben Folds Five, Super Furry Animals, David Bowie, Young Legionnaire, The Mars Volta, Circa Survive, Daft Punk’s latest album and with the arrival of some sunshine a bit of Kula Shaker has certainly not gone amiss.

Miss Lucid 2

The Last New Music Show

I had the pleasure of standing in on the new music show on Salford City Radio for the last few weeks as I am leaving the station this week this is my last show……the music can be heard by following the links at Hour One and Hour Two below

The tunes played are

Hour One

  1. The Gin Circle – Just Watch Me (Reverbnation Artist Of The Week)
  2. Stalagmites – City Of Love (Local Artist Of The Week)
  3. Ninetails – Body Clock (Tip for the Top)
  4. Glass Heads – Derelict House
  5. This-Way Up – Disaster Street
  6. We Could Be Astronauts – Look Frank, It’s A Toaster!
  7. Electric Clowns – Yeah She Looks Alright
  8. Miss Lucid – Seduction of Solitude
  9. Dead Sea Souls – Trendsetter
  10. The  Gifted – Break
  11. Suzerain – Frenzy
  12. Limozine – Tokyo 1970
  13. Stalagmites – The Blue Rose
  1. Rapid Pig – To The Mountain
  2. This-Way Up – Animals
  3. Kotodama – Dichotomy
  4. We Could Be Astronauts – Astronaut Blue : Stop Including Me
  5. The Gin Circle  – Drink, Drugs & Prostitutes
  6. Ninetails – Rawdon Fever
  7. Maia – The Grandfather Plan
  8. Band of Skulls – You’re Not Pretty But You’ve Got It Going On……
  9. Mumiy Troll – Love Contraband
  10. Death to the Strange – Bandit
  11. Death to the Strange – Drink and the Devil
  12. The Outreach Project – Twisted Persona
  13. The Tapestry – Rode Your Luck
  14. Kill For Company – To Disappear
  15. Trojan Horse – When The Lights Go Down

Aural Delights 26th September 2012

Stream Here

1 The Apparells Gypsy Rider
2 Not By Design Words
3 The Ella Arts Self Obsessed
4 The Forgotten Saints Voices In My Head
5 Charles Carter All The Hills
6 The Kathryn Wheel Save The World Tonight
7 Helen Boulding Company of Wolves
8 White Rose Black Magic Box
9 Progress Let Go
10 Moff Skellington Dog – Sleep Sight of Mother
11 Miss Lucid Hollow
12 Longstone Pavilion
13 The Go-Betweens People Say

Salford Music Scene – 18th September 2012

The final part of my four week preview of this years Salford Music Festival featuring a snap-shot of some of the 200+ artists appearing at 20 venues around the city from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd September.

You can stream the show from here…….

  1. AAAK – Out Here – Totalitarian Tip Toe
  2. Curry Quiche – Dry Handkerchief – EP
  3. Girl Peculiar – Believe – Single
  4. Miss Lucid – Another Pathogen – EP
  5. Saturday Morning Cartoons – Lady In A Radiator – Demo
  6. Sheena Bratt – Fire In Your Eyes – Demo
  7. Boz Hayward – Invasion of the Ditty Dots – Single
  8. John Mackie – 9.5 Grams – Single
  9. I Invented Fire – Absence is Distant (And Distant Works) (Radio Edit) – Demo
  10. Jed Is Dead – Damaged – Demo
  11. Silver Sound Explosion – Sidekicks – Single
  12. Kill Pretty – Breakdown Man – Dark Heart
  13. TeamAVsTeamB – That First Love – Demo
  14. The Fall – Lap Top Dog – Single

For details of all the gigs and all the venues go to the festival website

Aural Delights Radio Show – 4th April 2012

On this show some fantastic new music from albums due to be released in the next couple of months – listen here

1 Mummy Short Arms Doon The Water Old Jack’s Windowless Playhouse
2 Quadrilles Gong Hey Fat Choi Gong Hey Fat Choi
3 Day of Days Darwin Chances of Life
4 Bowerbirds Overcome With Light The Clearing
5 Young Men Dead Suck the blood into the bruise Young Men Dead
6 Ides of Gemini Starless Midnight Constantinople
7 Natalie Indya-West Rita Rita
8 Pelican Parasite Colony Ataraxia/Taraxis
9 Miss Lucid This Life This Life
10 Moff Skellington Confident of Pending Treats Pukes of  A Hot Cloister
11 Mummy Short Arms Whisky Avalanche Old Jack’s Windowless Playhouse
12 Re-enactment Nintendogs Sport
13 Young Men Dead I can’t see the ocean Young Men Dead
14 Torche Letting Go Harmonicraft

Aural Delights Radio Show – 28th March 2012

On this show……listen here

1 Deer Tick The Bump Divine Providence
2 Miss Lucid Another Pathogen This Life EP
3 Ambrose Akinmusire The Walls of Lecheguilla When the heart emerges glistening
4 Robert Mitchell 3io The Embrace The Embrace
5 Bacchanal Party Torn Shirts and Mini Skirts You Can Be As Orange as you like but there’s nothing sweet about you
6 I.C.O, Sirius Le Stelle : A Voyage Adrift
7 Philm Vitriolize Harmonic
8 Peter Hammill A House With No Door PNO GTR VOX Box Set
9 Moff Skellington Time for Nervous Questions in the pub Pukes of  A Hot Cloister
10 Wckr Spgt Francis Mitterand Four Song EP
11 Miss Lucid Hollow This Life EP
12 The Simpletone Dreams of Yesterday Rampenny
13 The Neon Mile Lost Horizon Demo Track
14 Young Men Dead The War of Young Men Young Men Dead

Aural Delights Radio Show – 21st March 2012

Listen here……

1. The Neon Mile – Weight in Gold =  Four-piece indie/folk/rock band formed amongst the rubble of yesteryears whims and fancies. We are David Bowie. We are David Lynch. We are David Brent. WE are THE NEON TheNeonMile

2. Tuxedomoon – Victims of the Dance – Desire = A classic track from one of my favourite albums

3. The Simpletone – Western Ways – Rampenny = The Simpletone are an unsigned rock band from Cambridgeshire, UK. The band was Formed in the Summer of 2009 by three friends Glenn Eastoe, Craig Seymour and Alex Aprigliano.The band was finally complete in the summer of 2010 with the addition of lead guitarist Jonny Davison. The Simpletone play a rare mixture of heavy and light melodic rock, drawing influence from many great bands of the past and present such as Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Captain Beefheart, The Smiths, Alice In Chains and The Doors to name a few. The band have played an abundance of gigs around London, Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon and their home town of St Neots. The Simpletone have recently been confirmed to play The Cambridge Rock Festival 2012.

4. Odoghan – Sail to the Moon = Odoghan ( Irish O´doghan)The band was born in Cordoba City – Argentina back in 2005, when Jose Visconti joins with friend and guitarist Cesar Fernandez to play some acoustic shows at the local scene. After some shows and anticipating a set of own electric songs Enrique Paglia (cesar´s cousin and former co band member) joins as the drummer and engineer for the first album (“To mars” 2009). Bassist Cesar Nocetti joins the band at last to complete the formation. The band lately released their first video-clip (“Sail to the moon” 2010) and is finishing the production of the second album to be released by the end of 2011.The band´s been influenced by “American and British alternative rock” from de last two decades, brit pop, punk rock even folk at some point. Though responding to these influences, the band´s music finds it´s own path, and develops into an honest means of genuine expression of profound and existential feelings. There´s a lot of travelling, transit, doubts, questioning and contradiction in the songs: resistance to a modernity where things questionably work or work for only a few, where man is compelled to survive and justify his existance.Facebook Link:

5. This Wicked Tongue – Isaac = A great band from Worcestor –

6. David Young – Generation =……A 15 Year Old Alternative Folk Singer/Songwriter from the Midlands.

7.  Cable35 – Saturated – an Alternative rock band based in Sheffield. Cable35 have played a number of gigs around Europe over the past couple of years playing in Liverpool and Birmingham, England in 2007, Copenhagen Denmark in 2008, Italy, Belgium and England on the Hygiene Tour in May and June 2009 and Birmingham in 2010. “Harry” accompanied by the “Harry Video”(directed and filmed by the band) was the next single to be released in 2010 followed by‘Boogie Man’ in November 2010. Cable35 toured Europe twice in 2011, Playing in Sicily, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the UK followed by a released for their Debut Album‘Louder’ accompanied by two singles ‘Memories’and ‘Cow Head’ with music Videos you can watch on the youtube channel 

8. The Cramps – Confessions of a Psychocat – The Secret Life of the Cramps

9. ArtClassSink – Sleep –  a four piece from Oxford who are  are aiming to tour soon  –

10. The Doors – Hello I Love You – The Collection

11. The Neon Mile – Close to Home

12. Half Man Half Biscuit – Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes – Look Dad No Tunes

13. Moff Skellington – Arrow – Pukes of a Hot Cloister – another track from the great new album

14. Ben Whitehead – White Lie

15. The Beta Band – Dry the Rain – The 3 EPS – this weeks Farley Fumble


Aural Delights Radio Show – 14th March 2012

On this show you will hear the bands listed below (listen via this link) – somehow I managed to fit 18  tracks in this week….mostly new bands with their latest material

1 ArtClassSink In My Room Demo Track
2 Miss Lucid This Life This Life EP
3 Gentlemen Duke Bad Man Mild Mannered Madmen
4 Bacchanal Party His Misunderstanding is Partially Your Fault You Can Be As Orange as you like but there’s nothing sweet about you
5 Alistair Banks No One Alistair The Optimist
6 Dave Graney King of the Dudes Single
7 The Atelier Gold Single
8 Taser Puppets Broken Dolls Twisted Pop
9 Kill Pretty Kill Pretty Studio Recordings
10 Blue Orchids Year With No Head Serene to Severe
12 The Sexual Objects Midnight Boycow Cucumber
13 Moff Skellington House of New Bricks Pukes of  A Hot Cloister
14 Marc Broude Vampire Salt EP
15 The Clean Thumbs Off Anthology
16 Cable35 Cowhed Louder
17 The Neon Mile Matchstick Man Demo Track
18 The Slow Show Brother Radio Edit