Aural Delights Radio Show – 21st December 2011 – Albums of the Year Part 3

The third of four shows dedicated to my albums of the year as selected by myself, fellow Salford City Radio DJs and a group of ne’er-do-wells from a Fall forum somewhere in etherspace

Deerhunter – Wash Off  – Rhapsody Original (June) – recorded live in Austin at the annual Rhapsody Rocks SXSW party. A memorable opening track from a damn fine album.

Moon Duo – Run Around – Mazes (March) – The Wooden Shjips Ripley Johnson and organist Sanae Yamada in full psyche drone mode for their second album. Also remixed.

Magazine – Do The Meaning – No Thyself (October) – I wasn’t too sure on this one myself but the weight of opinion amongst the chums was that it was a return to form. I was a little perplexed with some of the lyrics and I thought their was an element of self parody in parts.

Dr Tequila – Dr Tequila – Dr Tequila (September) – Blues soaked latino dance craziness from Ritchie Barron and his coterie of experienced Californian musicians who create great party music.

Across Tundras – In the Name of the Rio Grande – Sage (May) – Southern Gothic metal americana with a smattering of country. Real in your face music with an attitude.

White Fence – And By Always – In Growing Faith (January) – trippy, distortion-laced, psychedelic pop from Tim Presley who seems to be making this his main project following the demise of Darker My Love, apart from occasional paternity leave cover for The Fall.

The Suzukis – Built In – The Suzukis (July) – marvellous first outing from this band from Wigan – big things are predicted and it is justified.

Van Der Graaf Generator – Highly Strung – A Grounding In Numbers (March) – the 12th studio album by my reckoning and a real return to form after the disappointment of Trisector. Also remarkably short songs for this band but still with their trademark punk-prog approach.

Peter Hammill – Central Hotel – PNO, GTR, VOX (October) – PJAH hard at work, on his own, over two discs live at various venues throughout the land – including sunny Salford (I was present at said event). Disc One is Peter with piano, Disc Two is Peter with Guitar. An amazing version of the closing track from the 1981 album Sitting Targets.

Day For Airstrikes – Get In My Car – Adam, Wez, Ian, John, Danny, Rita, Sue and Bob Too (May) – the new soundtrack to the film of the latter part of the album title which was performed only once at the Sounds from the Other City Festival in May. The lovely mop-tops from South Manchester get into an altogether more reflective mood.

To listen to the show click on the link

Aural Delights Radio Show – 16th November 2011

On this show

  • Rocket from the Tombs – I Sell Soul – Barfly – the band that came before Pere Ubu are back with a brand new album
  • Mr. Heart -Twisted Lamp – The Hide – apologies to Tamsin and co for calling this Stones on the show – they have got a new bass player and are playing the Crescent on Thursday Night and the Royal Exchange Theatre on Sunday Night along with this next lot….
  • The Fall – Taking Off – Ersazt GB – from the new album and in the round at the Royal Exchange on Sunday….
  • Atomic Rooster – The Devil’s Answer – Single – a blast from my youth
  • Moon Duo – Causing A Rainbow – Horror Tour – latest ep from the masters of psyche
  • Otalgia – Is That Squirrel Relevant? – Is That Squirrel Relevant? – great sounds from this limited edition release
  • Moff Skellington – Lady of the Pegfolk People – Eddodi – an early album from the master of words
  • Leon V featuring Julia Dowler – Latex and Lazers (AgvanT Remix) – Russia meets Stoke on Trent or our Julia goes all trancey
  • LeeSun – Mickey Mouse – Prime – out soon – quirky
  • Nils Frahm – Keep – Felt – nicely ambient
  • Song of Return – Trajectory – Trajectory EP – new lot from Scottish land
  • 16 Horsepower – Black Soul Choir – Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes – had cause to listen to this lot again recently and forgot how good they were
  • Dr Feelgood – Roxette – The UA Singles Collection – in celebration of SDs 50th birthday
  • Kill Pretty – Babes in the Wood – Sonic Diary Session – a great band recorded exceedingly well by our SD – this and five other tracks available as a free download from our website…..

You can hear this show via the links below……

Aural Delights – 20th April 2011 – Superstar Destroyer Special

I’ve whittered on about most of the bands on tonights show here so there is not much really to add in terms of detail – in between the new Manc stuff there is one other new Manc thing plus bits from the other side of the pond, some of whom have played at Islington Mill recently……..which is all fairly accessible on the ethernet so I will leave you to find it yourself, unless otherwise indicated…..thanks to Alex Lynham for making the label material available…..the main website is here for Superstar Destroyer…..and you can indulge yourself in the miracle of cross-promotion here where you can find details of the Nowhere Again launch which features our friend Mr Charlie Barnes……sounds like fun.

  1. Black Market Serotonin – Deadbyfiveo’clock – Deadbyfiveo’clock ep
  2. Factory Star – Arise Europa! – Enter Castle Perilous – topping the bill at the Helmets for Men stage at Sounds from the Other City …. miss it at your peril(ous)!
  3. Moon Duo – Fallout – Mazes – we are big fans of Moon Duo in the nine o’clock alliance, any excuse to play something by this great band…..
  4. Metamusic – World to Come – World to Come
  5. DJ Carbon – Darkness – Direct from the artist – impressive dub-step from a Manchester Producer – more here
  6. Nowhere Again – Last Human – Now I Am Twenty
  7. Kinetics – If there is hope it lies with the proles – pre-release
  8. Sun Araw – Bump Up – 7inch – marmite time with Cameron Stallones
  9. Purling Hiss – In the Sun – Mazes Remix
  10. Superstar Destroyer – Live in Osaka Japan – Bandcamp Download
  11. Dune – Troposphere – Golden Snake – Bandcamp Download
  12. Enablers – Career Minded Individual – Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions – out soon on “Exile on Mainstream” – a marvellous mix of spoken work and post/prog/math rock.
To listen click on the link below……