Aural Delights #19

Broadcast 12th January 2011

The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations – Phosphene Dream

A Great Gibbo recommendation I was blown away by the opening track from the album which is full of menace and has some great shimmering guitar.  There is a great change of pace half way through which morphs into an immense wall of sound.

Trojan Horse – Disciplining the Reserve Army – Trojan Horse

Salford band who make prog-rock music and don’t want to apologise for it! Another fantastic wall of sound affair with enough whimsy in between the serious bits to make it required listening. The rest of the album is just as good and you can get it from Bandcamp. Full review here . My Space link.

Limbs – Julia and Winston – Band Demo

The demise of The Planets has created two Michael Chadwick led outfits, both trios. This one is piano led and tends towards an eccentric type of music hall song-writing complete with Double Bass. Wacky, witty and engaging.

Moscow Radio – Makes No Difference –

Manchester band with a great raw sound. Thanks to Red-Zone music for the demo.

Sakert! – Dansa Fasten – Facit

Vehicle forAnnika Norlin, a songwriter and vocalist who first gained attention of audiophiles for her work in Hello Saferide. Haven’t got a clue what it’s about but it sounds great.

The Kindest of Thieves – Jenna Belle – Siren Songs

They used to be “Para Zali” – Warrington sleaze-blues trio with an immense sound. Webpage.

Corrina Jane – All in My Head – Demo

Bristol based Artist with a fantastic voice and some great tunes.

Pete Lawrie – Fell Into The River – Single

Released on 31st January from his new album “A Little Brighter” which is out in April. Nice country rock mixed with r’n’b.

Limbs – Gameshow Tycoon (What Biscuit) – Demo

Indria – Tum Si Lagi – Different Senses of Love

An interesting blend of traditional Indian Music with dance.

Party Photographers – 21 – Download

Nice garage tune with a full sound – you can download it here.

Skankadelia – E Minor – Demo

Salford band who have recently started rehearsing again after a couple of years off. They sent me their stuff via Salford City Radio’s Unsigned Page and I was rather smitten with their sound. More in future weeks!

Band line-up  – Vocals – Harriet Bryan, Keyboard – Kat Whitmore, Bass – John Aldridge, Guitar – Liam McGary, Guitar – Ross Asspden, Drums – Owen Schofield

Dungen – Vara Snabb – Skit I Alt

Not  mellowing in their old age,   “Skit I Alt” — roughly translates to something rather rude — finds the band relying less and less on the psych-rock fireworks more  a sophisticated, widescreen version of psychedelia, with folk and offbeat jazz playing as big a role as guitar heroics. Reminded me a little of Jaga Jazzist.