Salford Music Scene – 23rd August 2011

On this show….and while I am at it please support independent music by going to gigs and acquiring music….ta!

  • Geevor – Bitch Cackle – errr…they’ve split up and are no longer available for live appearances ….. this always happens , I record a show and then a band split up, nothing to do with me I hasten to add, just serendipity (or the opposite of it)…… so regardless of whether this is a great track all of this is a bit redundant in the great scheme of previewing this forthcoming saturday’s Helmets for Men at the Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford. My associate Mr Thornborough is working his magic to find a third act to fill the line-up which will also consist of…
  • Still Down Gill – City Limit Sisters – comprising as it does of two ex-Jannocks this band has quality pedigree and delivers a mean slice of blues soaked rock for your delectation and
  • The Calimocho Club – She Told Me – the purple suit and the eye-liner is gone and the plaid shirts and more of an RnB inflection is with us – headlining on Saturday night and proving that metamorphosis is indeed a sensible activity in a lot of instances…and I’m advised its CHO rather than CO in terms of pronunciation….
  • The Happy Fallen – The Wheel – the ever busy Mr Neale James has been hard at work with this excellent new tune…..I think he should get a band together and go out and share this with you all live …..
  • No Flash – Truth or Dare – missed them last week at the BOTW Indie thing due to illness – impressive sound and well worth checking out…will be playing near you soon!
  • Vei – Escebeche – Jonn Dean showing how electronica should be delivered from his recent EP on Mind on Fire. He tells me he is going to record again soon with a more digital slant….
  • The Loaded Dice – Turbo – recently recieved their material via our new and unsigned page…lots of info here on their website
  • Salford Media City – The Lynx Effect –  a band with a lot going on for it but not much material out there so I was pleased to extract this from the recent Found in a Skip release – they will be on at the Salford Music Festival I am advised… I look forward to actually seeing them live in a pub close to where I live….
  • Arks – Patterns – new EP out recently and this is from it
  • Fidel and the Castros – Golden 20 – from a demo they sent me and rather fine it is too.
  • Kill for Company – Tongue Tattoo – a new track from my favourite band of the moment – also on at the Salford Music Festival…..
  • Vei – Moths – another one from the “Thank You For Talking” EP.
  • The Fall – Repetition – classic early gruppe from the marvellous debut album “Live at the Witch Trials
Click on the link to hear the show

Bits and Pieces – August 15th 2011

And so here we are again…..

  • Very impressed by No Flash who have a new album out called “Corporation Street” via I-Tunes. Unfussy post-punk indie with a sharp guitar sound, a good vocalist and the ability to write good tunes – well worth a listen.
  • Pleased to see some Dischord albums are being released soon – hoping to get to some early promo copies – though I suspect some serious editing will be required for radio play with all the effin’ and jeffin’ i’ve heard on a preview. There will be two albums from the “vault”  released this autumn, Faith Subject to Change plus First Demo and Void Sessions 1981-83.
  • Mike Bryant’s easy acoustic style is worth a listen on his free download here – impressive lyrics and the use of anglo-inflections on his vox set him aside from trans-atlantic copyists – good lyrics too.
  • Very taken with Forgery Lit  from Bristol – a hallmark of a good band is that they do not sound like anything else you have heard before – I’m pretty sure i’ve not heard anything like this – strong lead vox from Ami Martin and a very tight band with some great poly-rhythmic drumming – able to move from emotive balladeering to high tempo indie/rock with effortless aplomb……check out “Toffee Tears” …..
  • My favourite new band of the moment are Kill for Company – a modified guitar (an extra bass string or something like that)  and drums duo from Manchester who able to blend melodic tunes with a brutal mix of math/post/indie with an element of 70s down-town – well worth a listening and you can download their stuff free here – if the world was fair these guys would be huge, and maybe they will be as they certainly are the cohones of the pooch…..