Salford Music Scene – 20th March 2012

On this weeks show…….listen here

1 Syd Bozko Hidden Soul Single
2 The Ninth Watch Concrete Boots Demo Track
3 Premise Beach Hold Me Now Working for a Nuclear Free City remix
4 Easter Never Me Innocence Man
5 John Herring In My Head It Starts Again
6 One and A Zero Code Decode Demo Track
7 No*Tokyo Ego Healer (featuring N.Trance) Single
8 Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers Funny Boys and Pretty Girls Beat on the Moans
9 GlassHeads Pressure Cooker Single
10 The Vow Spacedust For A Dreamer
11 Glass Ankle Something More Demo Track
12 The Centrals The Likes of Me and You Demo Track
13 The Fall Leave the Capital Slates

Psychedelic Space Rock Funk Shake Your Booty etc

No*Tokyo – EP

Digital Release/Physical Version from Piccadilly Records

May 2011

Just got this from the band.

The website says

“Formed in late 2009, NO*TOKYO are Daz Whittaker (Vocals), Ernie Robinson (Guitar), Lee Graham (Bass) and Dale Baker (Drums). They craft a unique mix of Psychedelic Space Rock and Danceable Indie, with Powerful Vocals, Big Guitars, Dub Inflected Bass lines, and Dance Driven Drum Beats.”

They are a Manchester band with an intriguing mix of funky bass and wall of sound guitars – interesting conceptually to mingle the almost shoegaze guitars (with all the layers of sound and obvious use of pedals) with such an up front bass sound and couple them with a cinematic highly reverbed and echoed vocal style. The opener “Ego Healer” caught my attention after a couple of listens and I guess this is a band you need to take time to get into because there is something subtle going on here – there is a danger that they could get labled as “typical” Manc indie when in fact there is probably more to them that. If you want a lazy comparison then I’d say they remind me of a less heavy version of Amplifier.

Worth checking out on Spotify to see if they float your boat and I would imagine they would be good to see live.