Aural Delights Radio Show – 25th July 2012

An eclectic mixture on this one…….indicating the disparate nature of the material that is arriving…….you can listen here

I’ve been asked to mention that  Ded Rabbit boys new EP is out on the 28th and that they are doing a competition (that ends at midnight tonight) for 5 lucky fans to win a copy of the selfsame new EP.

All people have to do is e-mail  A name will be drawn at random and the EP posted out the next day.

Can I also apologise for the use of the “P” word in the From The Sticks link…….(for Cobblers fans)

1 Neil Young and Crazy Horse Oh Susannah Americana  Website
2 Trojan Horse Ohio Fire  Facebook
3 From The Sticks DMT Demo Track  Facebook
4 Deep Purple Speed King Deep Purple In Rock  Website
5 Nu Pogodi! The Brutal Depths of Obscenity Apocylyptic Noises In The Sky  Facebook
6 Human Eye Junkyard Heart They Came from the Sky  Record Lable
7 Charles Howl Because I Love The Sea Demo Track  Facebook
8 Moff Skellington Hap-Happy Song Thorny Conduits  Website
9 Pharoahs From The Grave Success Pharoahs From The Grave  Website
10 Suburban Sundays This Is Not A Love Song Demo Track  My Space
11 The Black Belles Leave You With A Letter The Black Belles  Website
12 Emerson, Lake and Palmer From the Beginning Trilogy  Website
13 Ded Rabbit Wolfie and Stanzie Ice Cream EP  Facebook
14 Field Music Is this the Picture Plumb  Facebook
15 Guano Padano Gumbo 2  Facebook

Aural Delights Radio Show – 18th July 2012

On this weeks show – which you can listen to here

Note there is some confusion of the spelling of the title of the Nu Pogodi! EP……i’ve gone for the one that appears on the cover of the EP  …

1 Charles Howl Slap Back Fields Demo
2 Ded Rabbit Andromeda’s Milkshake Ice Cream EP
3 Weloveyouwinona Anyway Get Happy
4 Dave Graney and the MistLY Mt Gambier Night You’ve Been In My Mind
5 Dreamscape Separate Sense La-Di-Da Recordings
6 Led Er Est Lonesome XoXo White Towel Ants
7 Nu Pogodi! As You Breathe Apocyliptic Noises In The Sky
8 Paul J Riley Monsters Alba Place
9 Rats on Rafts Emma Sofia Single
10 Moff Skellington Sellotape Island Thorny Conduits
11 The Stowaways Time for Change
12 Nu Pogodi! Cop 34 Apocyliptic Noises In The Sky
13 Fast Years Let Me Try Women
14 Fast Years Happy Hour Women
15 Human Eye They Came from the Sky They Came from the Sky

Live at the Witch Hunt of 2012

I wasn’t going to go to this. I’m glad I did.

I had woken up with industrial scale Hay Fever and all of the associated lethargy that goes with it and frankly just wanted to lie around all day not doing very much. However a bit of fresh air and a pep talk from the “boss” and I was convinced to attend. SD and I were guests of Mr Leigh and Mr Moss and after picking Steve up from “Radio House”  a pleasant afternoons journey east across the hills to Yorkshire took us to Bradford and the 1 in 12 club – an excellent venue. We met up with another Kill Pretty fan who had undertaken a four and a half hour drive just to see the band – there’s a man after my own heart – and after a swift libation in a local pub decamped to the club to sound check and then avail ourselves of the free food that promoter had arranged – excellent cake. A good chat with the various members of “The Mob” and then downstairs to the impressive concert room to catch “Nu Pogodi!”.

The band appears to have been formed about seven weeks ago and is currently a three piece (guitar, bass, drums) but intend to add an extra guitar in due course. Their Facebook page describes them as “Anarcho Thrash/Punk Trash” I’d add a bit of hardcore/screamo into the mix and the occasional foray into doom.  They a have great look  and a great stage attack but with a degree of self-deprecation which adds charm to their relentless full-on performance. This is not music for the faint-hearted and I would guess you would have to be a fan of this particular sub-set of the world of punk to fully appreciate what they are up to but I was impressed with their energy and the use of fast/slow passages to deliver their message. In case you are wondering where the name comes from it’s a Russian Cartoon series. They have  not recorded anything yet – i’d be interested to hear what they sound like when a release becomes available.

Nu Pogodi!
Next up was Andy T from Rochdale – who delivers “spoken word” polemic in a style veering from world weary to angry. The lyrics and delivery are powerful and relentless with subjects as far apart as Animal Testing and Margaret Thatcher. He is backed by a very adept band who merge loose funk, reggae and post punk in an attractive aural package. Andy delivers a short solo piece between each of the musical numbers and whilst I wouldn’t normally want to stand through 45 minutes of politicised music of this nature there were enough high points to grab my attention and keep my interest.
Andy T
Third on the bill were the ever lovely “Kill Pretty” who have moved on a tad since I last saw them at the Kings Arms. Things are faster, more intense, and Josh Dutton appears to have increased his level of stage movement somewhat. We got classic deliveries of amongst others “Emperors New Clothes”  “Stress” , “Black Dig City Blues”, and “Stupid Club”. The crowd warmed to the increasingly enjoyable “Rob A Bank”  and the always excellent “Year of 13 Moons” was stunning (including a guest vocal appearance by a heavily dread-locked local). Mr Leigh was in fine form as usual (despite the backcloth falling on him half way through the set, and problems with his vocal microphone) and Mr Dutton (senior) is rapidly developing Thurston Moore like tendencies. “Moet” was his usual intense and impressive self – a commanding stage presence and excellent vocal performance.
The Mob reformed last year after a 28 years hiatus and deliver a relentless set of their classic punk tunes which gets the crowd moshing like mad. The original line up of Mark Wilson, Curtis Youe and Graham Fallows clearly know each other well and are very tight – at times I was reminded of Killing Joke – and they offer a set which moves from insistent slower numbers to faster paced punky tunes. What impressed me about them is that they are really nice friendly guys with none of the usual “rock star” aloofness.
All in all an excellent evening at a really good venue – we all remarked on the way back down the M62 that it would be great to get a place like that in the Salford/Manchester Area. A really nice friendly crowd who are clearly into their music.
Mr Doyle meets Mr Wilson of The Mob
Kill Pretty