World of Jazz – 29th March 2012

This weeks show features two bands that played at Manchester’s Band on the Wall on the evening of the broadcast…..

Before he reached eighteen, Ambrose Akinmusire had already performed with a string of acclaimed musicians including Joe Henderson, Joshua Redman and Steve Coleman. He’s since gone on to play in the bands of Herbie Hancock, Jason Moran and Wayne Shorter and has won acclaim from the likes of Quincy Jones and Hugh Masekela for his playing. London’s Ronnie Scott’s was bursting at the seams for the blazing premiere of his Blue Note debut When The Heart Emerges Glistening, which offers a powerful exercise in intelligent interplay and subtle melodic development, and the exhilarating performance garnered five star reviews in both the Guardian and Financial Times.   Heralded as “a major creative figure in the making” (Jazzwise) and comparable “with some of the biggest names in African-American  jazz, Miles Davis included” (Guardian), Akinmusire is quickly becoming one of the most exciting, fresh and striking figures on today’s jazz  scene.

Robert Mitchell who, since his recording debut a decade ago, has become one of the most creative pianists on the British jazz scene. He features here  his trio, 3io, with  Mitchell on piano with bassist Tom Mason and drummer Richard Spaven. The band deliver unlikely covers alongside powerful new material as they find inspiration from all great music regardless of genre and generate a wonderful tension, and excitement from pulling the music into trio clothing!

In between there is new music from Bill King and Roy Assaf with a couple of classics from Miles Davis and Donald Byrd.

Listen here

1 Ambrose Akinmusire Confessions to my unborn daughter When the heart emerges glistening
2 Robert Mitchell 3io Third Stream The Embrace
3 Bill King The Gambler and the Riverboat Queen Gloryland
4 Ambrose Akinmusire Regret (No More) When the heart emerges glistening
5 Robert Mitchell 3io A Tear (For Now) The Embrace
6 Donald Byrd Gate City Byrd in Flight
7 Ambrose Akinmusire Tear Stained Suicide Manifesto When the heart emerges glistening
8 Robert Mitchell 3io Rockers Round Window The Embrace
9 Roy Assaf Hymn to Freedom Respect
10 Miles Davis Round Midnight Round About Midnight

Aural Delights Radio Show – 28th March 2012

On this show……listen here

1 Deer Tick The Bump Divine Providence
2 Miss Lucid Another Pathogen This Life EP
3 Ambrose Akinmusire The Walls of Lecheguilla When the heart emerges glistening
4 Robert Mitchell 3io The Embrace The Embrace
5 Bacchanal Party Torn Shirts and Mini Skirts You Can Be As Orange as you like but there’s nothing sweet about you
6 I.C.O, Sirius Le Stelle : A Voyage Adrift
7 Philm Vitriolize Harmonic
8 Peter Hammill A House With No Door PNO GTR VOX Box Set
9 Moff Skellington Time for Nervous Questions in the pub Pukes of  A Hot Cloister
10 Wckr Spgt Francis Mitterand Four Song EP
11 Miss Lucid Hollow This Life EP
12 The Simpletone Dreams of Yesterday Rampenny
13 The Neon Mile Lost Horizon Demo Track
14 Young Men Dead The War of Young Men Young Men Dead

Salford Music Scene – 26th March 2012

A bit of a departure for this weeks show ….. as you will note below…. for your aural pleasure I offer the following …..

  • Kit B – Dogma I am God – which you will have noticed is a palindrome. The latest offering from Danny C,  J Monty and co – and old Hidden Gem tune which has a new title and interesting backing vocals from the Montmeister (need to let them trousers out a bit young padowan…..)
  • Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – another taster from the forthcoming “Beat on the Moans” album – this is a wonderful piece of Bromwich logic in which he makes the point that Untattoed Ladies are now the rarity rather than the norm.
  • Kingdom Lost – As Dawn Travels – from the debut album “Desire Lines” which is packed with great tunes……
  • Robert Mitchell 3io – Alberto Balsam – yes I know its jazz and they aren’t from Salford but they are playing at the Band on the Wall in Manchester on Thursday and previewing the gig on the jazz show which will be on after the gig has finished would have been a tad silly. From “The Embrace” album – and an Aphex Twin tune to boot.
  • Ambrose Akinmusire – Jaya – as above but in this instance the album is called “When the Heart Emerges Glistening” and Richard James has nowt to do with it. This guy is being touted as the new Miles Davis…..not sure about that but he is very good.
  • Easter – Begin Again – another track from the very excellent “Innocence Man” album which is out soonish.
  • One and A Zero – Pretty Please – impressive outfit from Salford/Manchester –
  • The Vow – Holy Roller – From the “For A Dreamer” album – more info at
  • English Mutts – Someone’s Pinched God – another piece of class from the Mutts from Moston – new lad Martin takes the vocal chores from Stanley.
  • The Centrals – Naughty Romance – very good this band and another great track – hoping to get them in for a session in the near future
  • The Fall – a couple of classic cuts from Grotesque After The Gramme….catch them at the Frank Sidebottom thing on Saturday…..I guarantee they will sound nothing like this…..

And you can listen to it here…….