Music Diary #35 – 13th February 2012

Stricken with a bad back at the moment so not had much time to do much other than listen to stuff  – of note over the last few days are:

  • Witch Hats – Pleasure Syndrome – nice garage sound from Melbourne…..
  • The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Egor – immense slabs of cinematic wonderment – it’s jazz Jim but not as we know it…….
  • Royal Baths – Better Luck Next Life – from Brooklyn – great sound – moody twangy feel – a strange confection of VU and garage
  • Buildings – Melt, Cry, Sleep – noisy and most enjoyable….don’t play it to your granny, unless she was a Jesus Lizard fan
  • Vei – EP  (released by Baptists and Bootleggers) – exquisite sonic manipulation by Mr Dean who appears to be exploring new avenues and doing it very well indeed….both reflective, ambient and challenging.
  • Bacchanal Party – You Can Be As Orange As You Look – a marvellous mix of a broad Scots vocal and crisp guitaring – great tunes