Aural Delights Radio Show – 18th May 2011 – A Farley’s Fumbles Special

Once again my Enzed based chum and campanological co-worker Mr Fothergill Farley selects a goodly portion of the tunes on the show – in between new stuff that has been sent my way ….. please note the not so deliberate error of calling the Home Time Secret the Home Town Heroes – which is due to the fact that the band had told me they had settled on a new name after I had recorded the show….

1 Lake Radio – Heaven’s Gate – Planet Earth About To be Recycled – thanks to Rob from Borland for bringing this fine band to my attention. You can access this album on Bandcamp . The band is actually a bit more crytographic than I can cope with on my keyboard in that the a in Lake is replaced by a blocked out triangle symbol which plays havoc with radio show recording software as well. Anyway ambient electronica and other bits with found sounds of the highest order.

2 Sun Ra – The Perfect Man – The Singles – Farleys first fumble – a jaunty little number from Sonny which is good for the soul and jazz in your bones

3 Serena Maneesh – Opium Priest – 12″ Split with Fucked Up – the serendipity of searching for new music comes into play here in that Fucked Up were playing Islington Mill a couple of weeks ago and I was researching them and I came across this split and then started digging a bit deeper. They are from Oslo and if you read the Wikipedia article you can see the influences that are fairly evident from this song.

4 Stereolab – Varoom! – Lo Fi EP – another fumble. I have to confess to being a tad ambivalent about this band but this sounds quite good.

5 Day for Airstrikes – Get In My Car – Adam Wes Ian John Danny Rita Sue and Bob Too – suddenly the DFA lads are shipping out material at an unprecedented rate of knots – I mean two releases in the space of 12 months – heaven forfend. The music was a soundtrack to the grimy comedy from way back when which was played once at Sounds from the Other City on May 1st. There’s a rather nice vid-chip of them here courtesy of MCR Skenwipe….not sure about Mr Breen’s hoody though. A more relaxed and ambient DFA than we are used to but rather groovy post-rock I feel.

6 Super Furry Animals – (Drawing) Rings Around the World – Rings Around The World – another Farley fumble and 2001 saw the welsh psyche experimentalists at their most accessible I feel.

7 The Smitten Ones – Crooked Cards – Crooked Cards/Siren – the debut release from Twister Records. A nice blend of twangy guitars, ethereal synths and a baritone vox which is compelling listening. I like this so much I am going to play it next week as well.

8 Ted Benson –  Mystery Man – United Colours of Benson – another Fumble ….. released in 1998 on 7″ vinyl.  Psychedelic hillbillies from that London who morphed into a heavy metal outfit. Quirky I feel is the best description

9 Home Town Secret – Diamond Eyes – Demo Track – as mentioned above I thought they were called the Home Town Heroes but they are called the Home Town Secret. They were called Shortlisted but then they lost a drummer and changed their name. More on next weeks show.

10 The Apples in Stereo – Rocket Pad – Science Faire – another band from the Elephant Six Collective which Farley is so fond of.  This is consistent with the slightly psyche theme to the show.

11 Clayton Road  -Mercury – Single – I got this from one of the promo companies that send me stuff – the rather gnomic biog says “Created by Michael Purvis and previously signed to a label in America, Clayton Road now release their first single since severing ties with the label. Having worked with various band members and producers over the last few years and performed at a number of major venues in his area including the Carling Academy, it is likely you will be hearing a lot more from Clayton Road in the near future!”

12 The Green Pajamas  – Just Another Perfect Day – If You Knew What I Dreamed…..- one of the last of the 22 albums released by the bands between 1994 and 2007. The liner notes say “an album culled from Kelly’s 30+ years of song-writing. Recorded in the summer of 2007, these are all new live band arrangements of sixteen songs, many never before released on record. The band draws from Kelly’s early solo releases Baroquen Hearts, Coffee in Nepal, Ash Wednesday Rain and beyond, as well as The Green Pajamas Book of Hours, Indian Winter and November albums plus two brand new songs, Claire’s Knee and Raise Ravens. Recorded and mixed fast, these stripped down sessions (1 rock band + percussionist) have an exciting and spontaneous energy, the songs themselves being the focus, as opposed to elaborate production of other Pajamas albums. Kelly calls this album an official bootleg.”

To listen to the show click on the link