Aural Delights Radio Show – 6th July 2011

This show is focused towards three great bands from Wigan – in between a few  classics and some brand new releases…..

  1. The Suzukis – Are You Happy With Yourself – Wigan band number one with the new single which is out on Deltasonic.
  2. GlassHeads – The Error of Your Ways – Wigan band number two featuring Ian McCluskey – Vocals/Guitar, Andy McKay – Guitar, Andrew Seddon – Bass and Jon Davenport – Drums – this was a recent single
  3. Sonic Youth – Expressway To Your Skull (Edit) – a dip into the archive for a classic from the Evol album.
  4. Astrid Williamson – Pour – fascinating new single out on One Little Indian on August 8th – Astrid colloborates with Leo Abrahams who recently worked Brian Eno.
  5. Franks Wild Years – Beggars and Rogues – Wigan band number three – Frank’s Wild Years consists of Michael Barrow – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Bass, Chris Gaskell – Guitar/Bass and Tom Barrow – Drums/Percussion.
  6. The Suzukis – Personal Patrol
  7. Caravan – The Dog, The Dog He’s At It Again – After the musical uncertainty of Waterloo Lily, Caravan returned with their most inspired recording since In the Land of the Grey and Pink. The quirky title of the album “For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night” sets the scene for a recording which is full of fresh musical ideas that  incorporate the band’s trademark humor within the  challenging sonic structures.  For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night easily ranks among Caravan’s best.
  8. Throwing Muses – America – another album from Kristin in the Season’s Session series – this one being “Summer”>
  9. Bird Engine – No Arms No No Friends – from a new compilation on the One Inch Badge lable which is out later this month (25th) called Sea Monsters – it features bands from the Brighton Music Scene. Some interesting bands on this disc including this one which lept out at me as being rather interesting.
  10. GlassHeads – Don’t Worry
  11. Franks Wild Years – It Ain’t Broke
  12. Neil Young – The Needle and the Damage Done – from a recently released live album from 1992.
  13. The Suzukis – Reasons for Leaving
  14. Freedom of Expression or F.O.E.- The Traveller – Drawing on reggae, hip-hop, rock, jazz and Drum and Bass influences, the group offers up soulful laments about lost love, dirty rock ditties about the art of hustling, and dubbed out tales of escapism. Their debut radio play apparently. Remember you heard it here first!
  15. GlassHeads – Man In The Street –  the latest single.
To listen to the show click on the link below

Aural Delights – 13th April 2011

Not much time to whitter on this week due to other distractions so here is the list of what was played and a few comments
  1. Higher Elevation – The Diamond Mind – Pebbles Volume 3 – classic psychedelia
  2. Factory Star – New Chemical Light – Enter Castle Perilous – from the new album and as a promo for the launch at the Salutation in Hulme this friday. Album is available from Occultation Records.
  3. Saucer – Barney – These Are Testing Times – the first of four fumbles from Farley – and he says in response to my query about more info about this band “I know nowt more about them. That track appeared on a compilation and I’ve never managed to find anything else by them. I think they released a few other things -see – but think they must have been pretty short-lived.  The only clear thing is  555 Records, the label the compilation was released on. I like that track, even if it’s totally predictable as to what is going to happen.”
  4. Well Wisher – Babe Issues – Split with Polina – thanks to Ian Breen for drawing this fantastic pair of new tunes from this great band. Available from Bandcamp/
  5. Crash of Rhinos – Wide Awake – Distal – and thanks again to Ian Breen for drawing this rather fine band from Derby to my attention – check them out on Bandcamp.
  6. GlassHeads – Man In the Street – Pre-release single – out soon check out their new website
  7. Red House Painters – Mistress – Red House Painters – Farley’s second fumble of the evening.
  8. Young Widows – Future Heart – In and Out of Youth and Lightness – from the rather spiffing new album.
  9. Obits -You Gotta Lose – Moody, Standard and Poor – also from the rather spiffing new album.
  10. Well Wisher – Montel – Split with Polina – as above.
  11. Lush – Nothing Natural – Spooky – third Farley fumble of the evening.
  12. Factory Star – The Fall of GB – Enter Castle Perilous – another track from the great album and if you are tempted to ask – it is not about the band Martin co-founded in 1976!
  13. The Go-Go Darkness – Radio Talk – Dark Heart – via Mr Thornborough – thanks…..from the Outlier/Vebeth lable …. more of them to come
  14. Moff Skellington – A Song to Make You Gassy With Concern – Embers from the Rapid Eye – another song from the new album
  15. Sonic Youth – Within You Without You – Daydream Nation (Expanded Edition) – the last fumble of the evening

Once again thanks to Mark for selecting the fumbles…..

To listen to the show click on the link……