Aural Delights – June 15th 2011

On this show you will find

  • Kill Pretty – Black Dog City Blues (Demo Track) – a very exciting new project from Ian “Moet” Moss, Chris Dutton, Josh Dutton, Ding and Craig Scanlon. Chris advises the band is essentially collective centred around himself and Moet. Recorded at 6dB studios here in Salford. It would appear also that some live dates may emerge soon with a certain Michael John Leigh on the drums. Excellent stuff – first heard this sat in Chris’ car outside the Crescent on May Day.
  • Pose Victorious – Cold Hands Warm Heart – I got this from the promo people – they’ve a new EP out now which I will play in a future show. Rather impressive sound and quite unique.
  • Stylus Boy – Whole Picture – Whole Picture (EP) – from the new release.
  • Bonzo Dog Doodah Band – Jollity Farm – The Beastiality of (Album) – one of four fumbles from Farley on the show. A classic from one the great bands.
  • The Gerbils – Is She Fiona? – Are You Sleepy? – The Athens, Georgia-based Gerbils emerged as part of the second wave of bands linked to the Elephant 6 Recording Company collective, a coterie of like-minded, lo-fi indie groups — including the Apples (in stereo), Neutral Milk Hotel and the Olivia Tremor Control. The second Farley fumble of the evening.
  • Cut The Kids – Misguide – Displace (EP) – I have to say that I find these three young men from Bury to be refreshingly good at what they do.
  • Robot House – German Suplex – I Would Introduce Myself But You Really Should Know Me By Now(EP)  – Manchester band of which I know very little other than they sound damn good.
  • Julia Dowler – Don’t Stop Dreaming (Demo) – the rather talented and soulful end of the family doing what she does best with another great tune.
  • The Minders – Waterlooville – Cul De Sacs and Dead Ends (EP) – the third fumble from Farley.
  • Religious Knives – Paper Thin – Smokescreen (Album) – Originally, Religious Knives started as a two-piece side project of husband and wife Mike Bernstein and Maya Miller of the   Double Leopards.  This is their third album which comes after a three year break. Great psychedelic drone sound!
  • Cut The Kids – Pictures – Displace (EP)
  • The Mummies – That’s Mighty Childish – Play Their Own Records (Compilation) – Formed in San Francisco, CA, in late 1988, the Mummies consisted of Larry Winther on guitar, Maz Kattuah on bass, Trent Ruane on organ and sax, and Russell Quan on drums. While the band were part of  the West Coast garage/surf revival scene alongside bands such as the Phantom Surfers and the Untamed Youth, they were louder, prouder and more extreme. The fourth and final fumble of the show.
  • Kill Pretty – Babes in the Wood – a Chris Dutton composition and probably one the best things I’ve heard all year. Immense bass playing from 14 year old Josh Dutton and blistering guitar from Craig Scanlon, together with a great vocal from Moet.
  • Destroyer – Chinatown – Kaputt (Album) – essentially a vehicle for Dan Bejar this is the ninth album under the Destroyer epithet – excellent realisation of post new-romantic lounge pop.
  • Robot House – Neck High and Rising – I Would Introduce Myself But You Really Should Know Me By Now(EP)
To listen to the show please click on the link below……

Aural Delights Radio Show – 8th June 2011 – Mostly New Stuff

This show features artists that have been zapped my way by promo people and tunes direct from the bands themselves – links to web pages or Facebook are provided where they are available…..I would write some words about each of the artists but I’m a tad busy what with lots of new CDs having landed recently……. you should be able to find info about all of them courtesy of the magic of Google…..I would particularly point out both Stylusboy and Will Maitland who I am very impressed by. Will is a member of Audio Asylum who I played on the show a couple of weeks ago and is involved in the excellent Rebel Soul Collective from Liverpool.

Listen by clicking the link below