Aural Delights – 20th April 2011 – Superstar Destroyer Special

I’ve whittered on about most of the bands on tonights show here so there is not much really to add in terms of detail – in between the new Manc stuff there is one other new Manc thing plus bits from the other side of the pond, some of whom have played at Islington Mill recently……..which is all fairly accessible on the ethernet so I will leave you to find it yourself, unless otherwise indicated…..thanks to Alex Lynham for making the label material available…..the main website is here for Superstar Destroyer…..and you can indulge yourself in the miracle of cross-promotion here where you can find details of the Nowhere Again launch which features our friend Mr Charlie Barnes……sounds like fun.

  1. Black Market Serotonin – Deadbyfiveo’clock – Deadbyfiveo’clock ep
  2. Factory Star – Arise Europa! – Enter Castle Perilous – topping the bill at the Helmets for Men stage at Sounds from the Other City …. miss it at your peril(ous)!
  3. Moon Duo – Fallout – Mazes – we are big fans of Moon Duo in the nine o’clock alliance, any excuse to play something by this great band…..
  4. Metamusic – World to Come – World to Come
  5. DJ Carbon – Darkness – Direct from the artist – impressive dub-step from a Manchester Producer – more here
  6. Nowhere Again – Last Human – Now I Am Twenty
  7. Kinetics – If there is hope it lies with the proles – pre-release
  8. Sun Araw – Bump Up – 7inch – marmite time with Cameron Stallones
  9. Purling Hiss – In the Sun – Mazes Remix
  10. Superstar Destroyer – Live in Osaka Japan – Bandcamp Download
  11. Dune – Troposphere – Golden Snake – Bandcamp Download
  12. Enablers – Career Minded Individual – Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions – out soon on “Exile on Mainstream” – a marvellous mix of spoken work and post/prog/math rock.
To listen click on the link below……