Salford Music Scene – 20th December 2011 – Best of the Year Part One

Part One of two weeks worth of what I consider to be some of the best music to come out of Salford and Greater Manchester in the last year. So many good bands and singers had to be left out to fit everything in. Also new bands get an airing, a new track from Kin, and an exclusive radio mix of a track from the forthcoming AAAK with a special guest on vocals! But we start with some festive cheer from The Fall from 1978……

  • The Fall – No Xmas for John Key – from the first Peel Session, a seasonal ditty from the gruppe…..
  • Pacific – See What I See – from Northwich – out now on I-Tunes
  • Younger Dryes – All The Questions – from Stockport – more of these in the new year
  • Kin – Nervous Grins – new demos from the rather talented chanteuse
  • AAAK – Into Stranger Times – an exclusive track from Ding and Paul for me for Crimb0 – features Kin and Howard from the Kin Band….
  • Glassheads – Double Hard Bastard – from Wigan
  • The Loaded Dice – Maniac – From Manchester via Wales – great album this year
  • The Calimocho Club– Baby’s  Got A Switchblade – from Whoa Whoa Hey Hey
  • Rawcuss – John Travolta – one of the many singles this year
  • Doctrines – Anglophobia – another great release this year
  • Suzuki Method – Be Cruel Be Kind – the future is Suzuki Shaped
  • Zap Zap Zap– Brick Windows – great tune
  • Bare in the Woods – Bare Faced Liar – another one of those great tunes
  • Sandells – Alien Intelligence – the psychedelic warlords

To listen to the show click this link

Aural Delights Radio Show – 30th November 2011

On this show

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Tombstone Shadow
  • The Rialto Burns – For the Asking
  • Working for a Nuclear Free City – Alphaville
  • Glassheads – Latin Maxim
  • Periscope – Hammerhead
  • The Living Kills – Angels Without Faces
  • Blasted Canyons – Ice Cream Man
  • Monster Island – Secret Shopper
  • Kill for Company – Money Now
  • Hunting Bears – Routine Inebriation
  • Suzuki Method – Be Cruel Be Kind
  • Glassheads – Que Sera
  • Periscope – Sleeping with Ghosts

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Salford Music Scene – 29th November 2011

A preview of the forthcoming Suzuki\Method & Helmets for Men club night plus lots of new tunes

  • Suzuki Method – Purple Aki – headlining at Islington Mill this coming Friday in the first of a new club night in partnership with Helmets for Men
  • The Rialto Burns – Show Me Your Colours – opening on Friday
  • Working for A Nuclear Free City –  Black Rivers – in the middle on Friday
  • Glassheads – Double Hard Bastard – new tunes from Wigans finest
  • Periscope – Burst – new tunes from the extremely productive Peri….
  • Hunting Bears – Good Mood Music – are after gigs if you want to contact them – I think you should Mr Promoter!
  • Long Hat Pins – Hurricane – Salford based – doesn’t gig unfortunately because he is damn good
  • The Disappeared – Eight Miles Down – playing The Castle, Oldham this Friday
  • The Portlands – Blue Sea Blues – played these before – they are very good – new releases in the New Year
  • The Fall – Monocard – from the new album Ersazt GB – a singular piece of Fall wonderment
  • Glassheads – Pressure Cooker – another one from the Wigan lads
  • Periscope – Ethereal – an another one from Peri
  • The Disappeared – Welcome Back – and another one from them
  • Working for a Nuclear Free City – Dead Fingers Talking – and another one from them, looking forward to these on Friday

To listen to the show click on the link below…….

Building New Things

What? – a new band and club night curated by Suzuki\Method and Helmets for Men

Where? – Islington Mill, James Street, Salford

When? – Friday December 2nd 2011 from 8pm to 2am

Wonga? £5 – pay on the door

Who? – The Rialto Burns, Working For A Nuclear Free City, Suzuki Method, Salford City Radio Alliance DJs

Words? –

OK!! So SUZUKI/METHOD have played a lot of shows in a lot of clubs in a lot of towns all over the country and all of the above have one thing in common…… When the bands have stopped, we aint hearing the sounds we wanna hear! That’s about to change!

With no further ado we’d like to welcome you to our very own club night NEW/BUILD!! In conjuction with our good budies Helmets for men we’ll be bringing out the live bands were diggin at the minute as well as the tunes were all waiting for everyone else on the radio to catch up with!!

Our maiden voyage begins at Islington Mill, DEC 2nd 2011!!!


Since emerging from the infamous house parties of Salford and on the Manchester scene, Suzuki Method have accomplished the rather unlikely feat of marrying the polar worlds of hard rock and eighties dance.

Like “Queens Of The Stone Age transplanted to the Hacienda or the Fall jamming in Studio 54, Suzuki Method is a band that hits you right in the solar plexus, while simultaneously energising your dancing feet.

Intelligent, principled and defiantly old-school, they have recently formed an alliance with lengedary producers Davis Tolan (Primal Scream, Tears for Fears, Johnny Marr) & Jim Spencer (New Order, The Cribs, The Charlatans) to produce their debut album CARPE FERIA!

A sold out debut EP under their belts impeccable Northern music credentials and a wonderfully futurist imperative on UK music, Suzuki Method have firmly pitched themselves as true rock ‘n’ roll outsiders destined gatecrash the Manc and UK music party in 2012.

“Vibrant and refreshing, it’s no surprise that Suzuki Method’s toe-tapping thrills were born out of parties. A compelling mix of shape-throwing and brow-furrowing, as brooding as they are bouncy and twice as addictive.” – CHRIS LONG BBC Manchester

They deserve to be heard by everyone. The best live band in Manchester – CLINT BOON, XFM

Really well written and produced stuff, and very hooky! Ticks all the boxes – Everything Everything

They pack a punch like Thomas  the Hit Man Hearns – Lefty Longbottom, FXY Radio

Also singled out for the best of myspace, XFM Unsigned heat winners, , band of the week on Clint Boon, Sam Walker and Terry Christian’s XFM shows, BBC Introducing in Manchester “Ones to Watch” and “Artist of the Week” 2011.

We’ve wanted to these guys live for a while, they smash it!
Fresh from a US tour you could say it’s nn eclectic mix of orchestral, adrenaline-fueled dance tracks juxtaposed with quiet, bedroom pop songs and eerie, sparse, acoustic cuts. Check em out!

There are no theatrics with this band, no set performance, no gimmicks, they don’t do ‘stuff’ but their stage presence is captivating. It’s easy to draw reference with Joy Division, New Order, Dépêche Mode, Human League, The Smiths, The Verve, Killers, KOL et al, but TRB seem to have extracted all the dark and edgy bits and adding their own intellect and a dose of sub zero attitude have managed to produce a bang on contemporary Alt/Indie sound that just stands out as being, well, totally different.


Rapidly becoming the most talked about radio station in the Greater Manchester with it’s no play-list policy and dogged determination to get new music out over the airwaves Salford City Radio boasts an experienced group of specialist DJs who present of the most cutting edge music out there. With local promoters tuning in to shows to find out which new band these guys have discovered they are fast becoming the must listen to broadcasters. With internet streaming of their shows and uploading to Mixcloud the Alliance has developed an international audience from places as far afield as Finland, Japan, Puerto Rico and Skelmersdale. On DJ nights they will get you dancing and keep your  attention in between and after the bands.

Salford Music Scene – 16th August 2011

Featuring :

  • Suzuki Method : Be Cruel, Be Kind – showcase event Thursday nights at the Band on the Wall with “No Flash” (who I will play on next weeks show) and “China White” and….
  • Rawcuss : John Travolta – the second single…..
  • The Calimocho Club : Roll the Dice – from the new EP “Whoa Whoa Hey Hey” – they play Islington Mill on Friday with “Emperor Zero” and “Pulsebeats”
  • Matthew Petit : Summer Blood – from his EP
  • Kill for Company : Next Time – from the Greenhouse Sessions…..I love this band
  • Ninetails : Pedestrian – from the new EP “Ghost Ride the Whip” pre-order  from
  • Fidel and the Castros : Lullaby – a demo CD was sent to me some time ago, and I played it then and I thought – this is good I will play it again….
  • The Kindest of Thieves : Fox and the Thief/Sounded Like A Hiss – from the recent recording sessions – I assume these are going to be on the album – slight change in direction from the “Para Zali” days but the raw blues sound is still in there.
  • Hot Vestry : Be The Real Man – from the Dust EP
  • Ninetails : Social Guesswork – as above
  • Kill for Company : Now You Know – as above – and there will be a new tune next week which is rather good as well……you can download these tunes from
  • Limbs : Gameshow Tycoon (What Biscuit) – early version of a Limbs classic…
  • The Fall : The Joke – MES at his acerbic best from the “Cerebral Caustic” album which saw the return of Brix….
To listen to the show click on the link below……

Salford Music Scene Edition #03

On this show

  1. The Hidden Gem – Flick of a switch – Demo – now sadly split and soon to be replaced by a new band featuring Danny and Paul from the band.
  2. Suzuki Method – Balthamos – EP – working in the studio as I understand it, we need them to be gigging as we are missing them
  3. The Inflictors – The Whip – The Inflictors – catch them at Night and Day on Saturday! Miss them at your peril
  4. Death to the Strange – Shades of My Mind – Demo – Salford’s masters of cool rock – they play Sounds from the Other City on May 1st (Crescent) and Mayfest on May21st (Islington Mill)
  5. Well North of Watford – Make Sense of Loneliness – Demo – does the Live and Unsigned Thing at The Willows soon….
  6. Tony Glynn – The Lennon Son – Demo – currently working on new tunes with Carl Lingard from Pearl Divers
  7. Kingfishers Catch Fire – The Apocalypse Song – Promo EP – in the studio soon to do new tunes…..hurrah!
  8. Kingfishers Catch Fire – This Ship Is Singing – Promo EP – as above
  9. Solar Race – Get Ahead – Homespun – the greatest Salford band you never saw in your life
  10. Jealous – Stardust – EP – glam rock is live and well and living in Swinton
  11. I Am Kloot – Salome Maloney – Promo – not sure if this is ever coming out – thanks to Tony Thornborough for getting it to me.
  12. Frog in the Wall – Pretty Nigella – Promo – thanks to Becs Marshall for getting this to me – they are on at Mayfest on 21st May with an acoustic set
  13. Ha Ha Said The Car – Plastic Windmills – Promo – aka Johann Kloos from the Sandells – I have loads more of his music and it’s all great…
  14. Twinkle & Co – Fever – Demo – Local talent keeps emerging and its all good….thanks to Mags for the tunes!

Salford Bands And Singers –  please send me your music to

To listen to the show… on the link below