Metamorphosis Time

The Black Knights – Fuck You Very Much x…The Death of the Black Knights


27th June 2011

Being a fan of The Fall leaves one with a peculiar mind set at times. You tend to think that bands are going to be around for thirty odd years or more and producing new material all the time. However in the real world (as opposed the Wonderful and Frightening one) – the life expectancy of groups is somewhat less lengthy and over the last few months or so I have seen several of my faves go to the wall as they split for any number of reasons. However this is not a bad thing per se as the result of change, or indeed in this case metamorphosis , may well result in something new, fresh and exciting.

In this context the news that The Black Knights would be no more came as a bit of shock until you read the small print where Gary and Tom made it very clear they weren’t actually going anywhere but had decided in a change of name, style, approach or what have you. So today we got a dual announcement –  a new name for the duo The Calimocho Club plus a brand new website full of tantalising new imagery and promises of new sounds….and as a farewell gesture from The Black Knights a free two track release from the chaps via Bandcamp.

So you get a new track “Midnight at the Mausoleum” and one that’s been a freebie on the (ex)-bands website for a while “Creep Show”.

Good to go out on a high as both these tracks attest. On the first a pulsing beat hangs on the edge of the blues as Gary stutters into a squawling riff which morphs into a howling chorus of glorious intensity. Rock steady drumming from TP3 acts as a bedrock to Hope’s both angelic and demonic vocalising. The closing minute of the song slows the beat into the sleaziest piece of blues rock you are ever likely to hear and then builds back up into the pulse as Gary out howls Percy Plant in the old erotic stakes there.

Then the (as previously heard on Salford City Radio) four to the floor majesty of “Creep Show” takes a more leisurely wander around the dark corners of TBK land, moving between joyous riffing and  restrained moody insolence. The Dark Reverend gives out a series of howls at key junctures in the tune which punctuate the structure of the song, he then delivers a short and sumptuous solo before descending into the maelstrom of the end as Tom pounds the drums into submission.

An aposite and suitable closing note for one of the most exciting live acts around and the good news is that they will be back soon.

For the uninitiated a Calimoco is a heady mixture of 50% cola and 50% of the “cheapest and nastiest” red wine you can get. Sounds like fun.

Highly recommended.