Aural Delights Radio Show – 3rd October 2012

On this weeks show (stream here)

1 Cactus Knife Poppy Wired on Weeds
2 The Forgotten Saints Shifting Sands Singles
3 Goat Diarabi World Music
4 The Savage Resurrection Thing in E The Savage Resurrection
5 Semitt Falls De.Fi.Ant  Demo
6 The Soft Pack Answer to yourself The Soft Pack
7 Moff Skellington Let Us Play Eddodi
8 Calexico Puerto Algiers
9 Blue Orchids The Hanging Man The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain)
10 Epsilon One Asam Spirals EP
11 The Apparells Ghetto Homes Demo
12 John Martyn Sweet Little Mystery Grace and Danger
13 King Crimson Doctor Diamond The Great Deciever

Aural Delights 26th September 2012

Stream Here

1 The Apparells Gypsy Rider
2 Not By Design Words
3 The Ella Arts Self Obsessed
4 The Forgotten Saints Voices In My Head
5 Charles Carter All The Hills
6 The Kathryn Wheel Save The World Tonight
7 Helen Boulding Company of Wolves
8 White Rose Black Magic Box
9 Progress Let Go
10 Moff Skellington Dog – Sleep Sight of Mother
11 Miss Lucid Hollow
12 Longstone Pavilion
13 The Go-Betweens People Say