Aural Delights Radio Show – May 25th 2011

Mostly new stuff on this show with a welcome return to the utterly marvellous Trevor Sensitive and the Locals after a brief hiatus.

1 Trevor Sensitive and the Locals –  Saving Albion From Itself – Exclusive Singles Club Release Preview : those of you lucky enough to purchase the Sensitive album get to be part of the singles club – this is the first of what I hope will be a series of exclusives for the station. Mind you after getting airplay on the Tom Robinson show the band may well be headed for super-stardom!

2 Efrim Manuel Menuck  – I am no longer motherless child – Play High Gospel : The GBYE and ASMZ front man does his first solo album and it’s smashing! Lots of loops and Efrim’s trademark angst ridden vocals which always cause a split opinion in our house.

3 Bass Drum of Death – Nerve Jamming – GB City : brilliant album, track it down! Nuff said.

4 Verma – Salted Earth – Salted Earth : came  across this lot whilst researching The Cosmic Dead – rather impressive pysche rock.

5 The Home Town Secret – LSD Morons  -Demo : regular readers will know I record the shows well in advance of them being aired – sometimes it has unforseen consequences in that this band have now split up. Pity really they had a lot of promise.

6 Glassheads – Man in the Street – Single : just another gentle reminder to treat yourself to the latest single from Wigan’s finest.

7 Audio Asylum – Hitting Bottom – Demo : got contacted by the Rebel Soul collective from the other end of the M62 about this band and was rather impressed by their tunes. Expect to hear more in future shows!

8 The Smitten Ones – Crooked Cards – Single : from the very excellent Twister Records. I was immediately hooked by the excellent baritone vocals and the twangy guitar stylings – memorable stuff I reckon and the limited edition single can still be purchased from in person at Action Records (Preston), Townsend Records (Chorley, Leyland, Clitheroe), Piccadilly Records (Manchester), Norman (Leeds) and HMV (Southport). The single is also available and can be download from I-tunes, Amazon,, 7-Digital and streamed on Spotify

9 The Dead Texan – Glen’s Goo – The Dead Texan :  an audio-visual musical duo comprising of Adam Wiltzie and Greek video artist Christina Vantzou. Wiltzie is better known as one half of the ambient project Stars of the Lid. Thought I would dig this one out of the archives.

10 Lillies on Mars – Aquariums Key – Lillies on Mars : can’t remember how I tracked this lot down but I am glad I did. Also featured on T.Robinson – there must be some synergy going on here :). They have a new album out this week.

11 Entangled – This Way and That-  Demo : some excellent modern prog with a nod back to Bush, Gabriel and The Floyd. More to come from this band who sing and play well and have great arrangements. Prog is the new punk dont’cha know!

12 The Smitten Ones – Siren – Single

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