Salford Music Scene Radio Show – 24th July 2012

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Tracks played and links to more information……

1 The Blimp Chicken of the Sea 4 – 3  Facebook
2 Doctrines Heads Like Empty Cans ZE  Facebook
3 Crowds Losing Grip Cut Me Out  Facebook
4 The Blimp Regime Change 4 – 3
5 Doctrines Partt III (Jacob Meets The Luvittes) ZE
6 The Ninth Watch Forevers a Long Time Demo Track  Facebook
7 Wooderson Mint Condition Let the Man Speak  Facebook
8 Doctrines Happily (N)Ever After ZE
9 The Blimp Miniature 4 – 3
10 Tape iFear Lets Not Say and We Did  Facebook
11 Joe Thomas Guardian Angel Demo Track  Facebook
12 Da Mutts Papa Mezz (On the Corner) Demo Track  Facebook
13 The Blimp Snowglobe 4 – 3
14 The Fall C.R.E.E.P. The Wonderful and Frightening World of

Salford Music Scene – 20th March 2012

On this weeks show…….listen here

1 Syd Bozko Hidden Soul Single
2 The Ninth Watch Concrete Boots Demo Track
3 Premise Beach Hold Me Now Working for a Nuclear Free City remix
4 Easter Never Me Innocence Man
5 John Herring In My Head It Starts Again
6 One and A Zero Code Decode Demo Track
7 No*Tokyo Ego Healer (featuring N.Trance) Single
8 Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers Funny Boys and Pretty Girls Beat on the Moans
9 GlassHeads Pressure Cooker Single
10 The Vow Spacedust For A Dreamer
11 Glass Ankle Something More Demo Track
12 The Centrals The Likes of Me and You Demo Track
13 The Fall Leave the Capital Slates

Salford Music Scene – 13th December 2011

Due to other commitments I have not got the time to write copious notes on this weeks offering – however links to the bands are provided where available:

  • Factory Star – Away Dull Care – catch them for the last time this year at Gullivers on Oldham Street, Manchester this Thursday – supported by
  • Rapid Pig – Aristonean – who have Tim Lyons of Sandells on bass for the aforementioned gig. I’m not sure this is the correct title for this tune but it’s close
  • Inspiral Carpets – You’re Too Good For Me – new single and original singer back
  • Orange Room – Noise and Confusion – from Liverpool
  • Long Hat Pins – Tlcking Box – from Salford and more to come from this excellent solo artist who has sent me an album full of tunes
  • The Ninth Watch – The Optimist – the second tune from this Manchester band
  • Whipcord – Thistledown – from the new album, which is great
  • Bob Dean – Forest of Fear – a Manchester based rock band who have just released a debut album “Volcanic Music” on iTunes and are looking to promote it across the UK. Its taken us just over 2 years to complete and they say they are extremely proud to now show the world their music. The sound of the album is best described in the title. We are based in Manchester but are an international mix of 2 Icelandic’s, 2 guys from the UK and a Californian
  • Danny Short – A Question – from the new album which is excellent.
  • Younger Dryes – Dynamo –  based in Stockport and are currently working on new material. Will be playing more of them as they are very impressive….
  • Orange Room – Coffee and Tea
  • Bob Dean – Hide from the Pain
  • Long Hat Pins – Ayramba
  • The Fall – Blindness – from the last Peel Session

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Salford Music Scene -15th November 2011

On this show

  • The Fall – Cosmos 7 – Ersazt GB – 29th Studio Album and very fine it is to. Produced by our own Simon Archer and Mark E. Smith. Came out yestersday.
  • Factory Star – Lucybel – Single – christmas starts early with this rather fine tune from Mr Bramah and his merry elves.
  • Monster Island – E-Music – Cathedral Steps – a wonderful new album from the rather excellent trio from Darwen
  • Monster Island – Estate # 4 – Cathedral Steps – as above
  • Well North of Watford – Forever and a day – Demo – he lives in Little Hulton and his true identity is a closely guarded secret
  • Kit B – Disappear Here – Demo – Mr Cusick of Hulme and Salford  playing tunes as only he knows best.
  • The Fall – Mask Search-  Ersazt GB – another one from the new album
  • The Ninth Watch – Fortunes Wheel – newly formed, no website yet, but there is a new track due soon – this is good.
  • White Noise Box – Mellow – Demo – Stockport band who are rather fine indeed.
  • The Mang Mang Mangs –  The Large Cool Store – Demo –  playing Manchester 30th November
  • Monster Island – Roads – Cathedral Steps – another pair of tunes from the new album – I thought this was a good piece of social commentary
  • Monster Island – Pilot Whales – Cathedral Steps – was the single and has a rather fine video that goes with it
  • George White – Foreign Grounds – Single – don’t know much about this chap – this is from his new EP.
  • Kit B – Binary – Demo – another one from Danny
  • The Fall – Lap Top Dog – Single – the single, and its on the album as well
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