Fascinating Things : Issue 25

There is a new single out from the excellent Damn Vandals which is released on 6th November.

The new album from Myrkur is absolutely stunning, the blend of ethereal ambience and throat shredding death metal is quite remarkable,


Melbourne based band The Sunday Reeds are Romana Ashton (vocals, bass) and Drew Jones (guitars). Their debut LP ‘Drowning in History, released through UK indie label Squirrel Records in 2009, led to an extensive European tour in 2010 which won the band a huge following but came at a cost. Then a couple, Romana and Drew split up in Paris, the City of Love, an experience that became the inspiration for their critically acclaimed EP ‘Amour Tragique’, a collection of five songs about love and loss. Latest single ‘Pretty People’ written by Romana Ashton, produced by the band and mixed by James Aparicio (Spiritualized and Mute Records) offers an insight into the direction of the album that the duo are currently writing. On one level ‘Pretty People’ is about cliques and their sense of self-importance, and on another, is a caustic social commentary about our culture’s fascination with ‘the trivial’, celebrity, gossip and fame by proxy. A video for the single will be released on the 12th of October to coincide with the official release of the track to the public. The Sunday Reeds plan to tour Europe in 2016.


Kranky have announced the upcoming Christopher Bissonnette album, Pitch, Paper & Foil, which is to be released on the 6th November. Continuing the explorations of the analog synthesizer first revealed on his last album, Bissonnette’s deft touch in recording and mixing is a joy to experience. While most contemporary analog synth dabblers find themselves unable to not overload the sound-field with the endless array of possibilities the instrument provides, Bissonnette provides a master class in economy and control.



Aural Delights – 27th April 2011

No spare time for writing up the details this week…..just the list

  1. The Sunday Reeds – Kiss Me Kill Me – Dark Rainbows
  2. Dave Graney – I’m Not Afraid to be Heavy – Rock and Roll is where I hide
  3. Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues – Live in Europe
  4. (hooker) – Dance to the Beat – from the band
  5. Various Cruelties – Neon Truth – Single
  6. Arks – Glacier – from the band
  7. Therapies Son – Touching Down – Over The Sea
  8. Mock Duck – Thought – Alters of Radness
  9. Toy Horses – Interrupt (Radio Mix) – Single
  10. Naked on the Vague – The Gift -Twelve Dark Noons
  11. The Twilight Singers – The Last Night In Town – The Dynamite Steps
  12. Tom Waits – Big in Japan – Mule Variations
  13. Sex Pistols – No Fun – Spunk – the 7″ singles collection
To listen to the show click on the link below