Aural Delights Radio Show – 29th February 2012

This weeks show is pretty much a continuation of last weeks with many of the bands previously featured – however a big focus on Ektoise and related off-shot bands forms the  core of the show, plus a new artist – Ben Whitehead. There’s the usual Farley Fumble and a new feature the Gibbo Nomination – both selections made by chums for material to include in the show…….so here we go again and you can listen to it here.…..

1 Bacchanal Party We Missed Half The Night Single
2 Ben Whitehead The Hook Album
3 Departures Surrender Departures
4 Ektoise The Shoreline By Midnight Live at Beetle Bar
5 Et Tu Bruce Dress Me Up In Bruises Suburban Sunshine
6 Hero and Leander Kettle Collider EP
7 Iggy Pop Fire Engine Fire Engine
8 Moff Skellington Four Peg Wooden Unit Pukes of  A Hot Cloister
9 Subsea Anenome En La Lejania
10 The Coke Authority Strange Orange Demo
11 The Finest Hour Janey Single
12 The Walkabouts Soul Thief Travels in the Outland
13 Kick to Kill Avalance Single
14 West Coast Sick Line Vunt Demo
15 Magnetic Island Morning Feedback Magnetic Island
16 Magnetic Island Whatever You Wanted Magnetic Island

Music Diary #11 – 11th January 2012 – Aural Delights Radio Show

A relatively quiet day on the new things in box so I will concentrate on this day’s show….which is notable for the large proportion of new things being played.

I would single out the new Disappears album (Pre-Language)  as something to look forward to – now with Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley on drums this new release has moved on considerably from last years “Guider”. Also pleased to see at last the album from Limbs (Olympics) which further demonstrates Mike Chadwick’s exceptional compositional skill – for fans of quirkly English music this is one to check out. The second part of Earths two-fer “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light” moves into a far more improvisational area – this is considered music, painfully slow at times, but rich with ideas and sentiment. With the exception of the closing Farley Kiwi Fumble and a classic from The Walkabouts the bulk of the rest is new and unsigned work from around the country. You can find all of these people on Facebook easily.

The playlist is…..and you can hear it here

1 The Cosmonauts The Howl EP
2 Limbs The Worms Want Blood Olympics
3 Streaming Lights Wait A Minute Single
4 Comet Sands The Beautiful and Damned Recordings and Live Demos
5 Curry Quiche Love Went With All The Rest Demo
6 Earth The Corascene Dog Angels of Darkness Demons of Light II
7 Disappears All Gone White Pre Language
8 Invoke Nothings Changed Single
9 Toska Wilde and Luis Drayton Forbidden Fruit EP
10 The Walkabouts Lazarus Heart Ended Up A Stranger
11 After The Ordeal We Divide Single
12 The Coke Authority Great Expectations Demo
13 Magnetic Island Acadia Magnetic Island
14 The Sunshine Fix Last Night I Had A Dream The Future History of the Sunshine Fix

Music Diary #5 – 5th January 2011

I have a feeling it is going to be a busy year music wise – literally deluged with stuff today…..which included….

  • Arctic Monkeys release ‘Black Treacle’, the new single from their ‘Suck It And See’ album on Monday the 23rd of January. ‘Black Treacle’ will be available on 7” (RUG449) and digitally (RUG449D). It’s OK but I can’t get excited about them these days – they seem to have gone a bit safe.
  • Finally got hold of the promo of the  new Earth album “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II”  which  is out on 13th February. It moves seamlessly on from Part 1 offering a totally different aspect to the original Earth sound – slow, meditative and built around Dylan Carlson’s minimal guitar work, this is not going to be for the mosh pit brigade. A lot more improvisation on this one and rather fine it is too.
  • The new Disappears album “Pre Language” is out on March 1st. They now have Steve Shelley (he of Sonic Youth as was) on the drums. It’s rather exceptional in a post punky guitar fixated sort of way.  In fact i’d say I was rather besotted by it.
  • The Umbilical Chords – arrived “Par Avion” from Paris or thereabouts…. interesting mix of post punk bass riffing and near spoken word delivery – some quite pungent lyricism – they will be supporting Gabrielle’s Wish at a Manchester date in March.
  • The Arcadian Kicks – new single “I wanna take you home” which has been produced by Mike Chapman (of Blondie fame) – powerful vocals from this Birmingham group – touring in Jan/Feb – interesting remix coupled with the single which is refreshingly nowt like the lead track.
  • Spent quite a while today catching up on the Walkabouts…..excellent band……particularly fond of the “Ended Up A Stranger” album from 2001.
  • Also polished off the poster for the giggage on 26th January – seems to be going quite well despite Tim Lyons insistence on creating a parallel promotional universe on Facebook which makes counting potential punters somewhat onerous….I will reprimand him severely when I see him next….;)
  • And the BIOGRAPHY of the  chap in the picture below is now on  sale on Lulu – i’ve read it and it is rather a gripping story – check it out – it’s written by Stephen Dobson…..