Fascinating Things : Issue 50

Aahh, 50 issues of things that fascinate, so how to mark this auspicious occasion? How about some new stuff  you probably don’t know about but you really ought to be aware of?

Number : One

Who? : Two Car Family

From?: Leeds

Notable Facts? : Includes Andy from Flies On You (although he has just announced he is stepping back from the band) and Mave from Chumbawamba

Sounds Like?: Epic grandeur indie with Nash & Young vocal harmonies

Number : Two

Who? : Saint Lawrence Verge

From? Modena

Notable Facts? : First international release by German Shepherd Records “Ashram” due soon…..

Sounds Like? Post-punk prog with a Morricone twist, lots of changes and dynamics

Number : Three

Who? : Kit B

From? : Manchester/Salford

Notable Facts?:  There are two DJs in the band. New EP out next week.

Sounds Like? : It comes from Manchester

Number : Four

Who? Mammifer

From? Seattle

Notable Facts? New album out on April 1st.

Sounds Like?: Minimal meanderings through a dreamscape. Tangerine Dream meets Sigur Ros at a shoegaze party.

Number : Five

Who? John Kaada and Mike Patton

From? : Stavanger and Eureka

Notable Facts? New album out on Ipecac on April 1st

Sounds Like?  Cinematic Horror Movie Soundtrack

Political Men

Andy Watkins of Flies on You has a new trio called Two Car Family and he’s made a live recording of the band at the Brudenall in Leeds available and damn fine it is too,

Alongside Andy in the band are Mave Mills (was in Chumbawamba) and Ged Crefin.

2 car family

Of the song they say on their Facebook page “The song concludes a set of self-penned material that resists the description ‘political’ but demands a rethink of the political framework within which the working class human debris of ‘We Love to Hate’ exists. Two Car Family challenge the political language our masters created for us and seek to break the crust of decades of social and cultural norms that conceal our true shared identities. ‘We Love to Hate’ heralds the death of the working class – long live the “working” class.”

Here it is: