Aural Delights Radio Show – May 2nd 2012

A slight departure from the norm for this edition of the show with a continuation of the preview of some of the acts playing at the various gigs in Salford this week – however there is also lots of new music to tittilate the ossicles, plus some classic tracks…listen here:

1 The Three Johns The World of the Workers Do The Square Thing
2 John Hyatt and Periscope Machine Machine
3 Trojan Horse Fire Fire
4 The Blimp 50CC No Silencer Curse Curse Bang Bang
5 Toska Wilde I Am Your Temptation Cindy Darling
6 Luis Drayton Sex Junk Nazi Furs Pretty Sick/Dub Sick
7 Sinister Chuckles I Wanna Be Batman Blitzkreig Mop
8 Sinister Chuckles Dorian Gray Blitzkreig Mop
9 Sinister Chuckles The Ghost of Marilyn  Monroe Blitzkreig Mop
10 Tuxedomoon In The Name of Talent Desire
11 Doctrines Climbing Yggdrasil-Everybody Loves Ray Kay Bandcamp
12 Vladimir Cold Winter Grasp Single
13 Kill Pretty  Stupid Club In 80 Days
14 Taser Puppets Wasp Single
15 AAAK Crash Big Fist
16 Johnny Cooper Hot Mess Single

Notes in respect of the above

1. A sort of an intro to the following piece – from what I regard as their best release “Do the Square Thing” – they are playing Gulliver in Manc on May 8th.

2. Mr Hiatt of the aforementioned combo working with the ever busy Periscope  – excellent and out now

3. Further promotion of said bands EP launch this Thursday at the Kings Arms

4. Playing at the Hope, Eccles Old Road, as part of Toska’s Salford Temptation – doubt if they will play this one but I like it…..

5. The aforementioned TW and well a bit of a theme tune for the weekend

6. The co-conspirator of 5. above from a forthcoming album this is the pre-mastered version – slightly edited by me for content

7/8/9 Three exclusives of the tracks that will be on sale on the Sunday at The Hope from this bunch of miscreants….from Chorley which has a lot of roundabouts

10. Classic post-punk from one of my favourite albums – a very inventive band who never quite got the recognition they deserved

11. They are back and with a bang – from a forthcoming EP I think – they also just been signed to Alcopop Records.

12. Featured this band last year – this is their recent single – most impressive – hopefully a local promoter will entice them down

13. The ever lovely Kill Pretty with a track from their excellent album (have I mentioned how good the cover is?) – playing Saturday at the Crescent as are….

14.  Another band from Chorley (who share a singer with 7,8, and 9 – where do these musicians find the time to be in several bands at onece – I can’t keep up)

15. Mr Ding has been remixing the original AAAK releases and has made them available free of charge from their website – a classic piece early piece of Buildingscape Beats

16. This American gentleman caught my attention recently – impressed by his approach – this is the B Side to this recent single

Winters Coming

Vladimir – Cold Winters Grasp

I reviewed these guys first ep last August  here and gave it a highly recommended – I shall do the same with their debut single which is all pounding bass, post-punk echo drenched guitars, tumbling drums and big vocals – dynamic, epic and rather impressive I have to say. Lovers of big sound will get their ears around this easily – it’s a huge statement if intent, full of emotion and executed with a mix of bravado and joyous abandon.

Check them out on Facebook

Available to purchase from – – released 6th April

Certain death by Shoegaze?

photography by Daisy Dundee

Band : Vladimir

Release : Vladimir The EP

Lable : Self Released via Bandcamp

Date : 19th August 2011

Ever had one of those weeks?

A good one I mean.

Generally speaking I can go through piles of new singles/EP’s/albums/digital downloads and what have you, and if I get one good tune in a day I count myself lucky. This week though has been particularly fruitful in that everything I’ve been sent has turned out to be pretty damn good indeed.

None more so than the debut release from Dundee’s  “Vladimir”.

The band had sent me one of the tracks from the EP “I Fight Fire” a few weeks back and I had been very impressed with its “in your face” attack and effective mix of intense riffing, insistent drums and impressive vocalising. The great thing about this band is that they appear to pick up on the best bits of the groups I like and then sort of mix them together into a rather attractive little package. Comparisons could be made with Sonic Youth in terms of  attack/guitar abuse, but there is also the baleful repetition of  The Fall in the mix somewhere and a hint of Joy Division maybe. It’s a modern take on post-punk with a hint of shoegaze and hefty slab of hardcore grunginess –  if I am going to resort to cliched one-liners.

Vladimir emerged as a four piece in only April this year, and their live performances are already making waves in the Glasgow underground scene apparently. The line up of the band consists of  Ross Murray (vocals), Peter Mackenzie (guitar), Joshua Gray (bass) and Sam Taylor (drums).

The band can swerve towards a more “metal” sound at time – as exemplified by the glorious cacophony of  “On My Wall” which is a blistering attack on the senses in the realm of Mr James Jewel Osterberg – mining the Detroit punk sound and transferring it north of the border. I defy anyone not to dive into the mosh-pit and do themselves some serious physical damage on listening to it. Fuzzed riffs, powerhouse drums and a vocal sound that melds slacker indifference with Curtis-like tones.

The band mix it up on the EP mind you – it’s not all one particular style – “Passing” for example retains the wall of sound approach but moves it into neo-Kraut (heavy) rock territory with a keening edge of the cliff guitar line hanging perilously over a rhythm section which bulldozes it’s way into your head and melts into a feedback drenched hard ambient coda which morphs into track 4 “Mellow”.

The word that comes to mind after it’s over is “phew!”.

The aforementioned “Mellow” drifts initially  into “Unknown Pleasures” soundscapes but then blasts itself  into orbit. This is far from mellow by the way – it’s loud, distorted, and intense – moving between moody, introspective bass/guitar sections ( great bass line by the by, and the guitar is pretty neat as well) into one of the most intense pieces of music i’ve heard all year – the difference between this and death/doom/screamo/post-hardcore is that you can hear what Ross is singing and it adds a certain uniqueness to the sound. There are a lot of bands hammering the life out of their instruments and either howling in a guttural fashion over the top, or screeching like some demented banshee – this lot set themselves apart from that by using the voice as a means of communication rather than another link in the sound-chain. Marvellous, and it demands repeat plays to understand all the nuances.

The last track is entitled “Untitled” – I don’ t if they have not thought up a name, or it’s actually called that. It samples the infamous “‘creepin’’’ speech by Charles Manson, over a violent haze of martial drums, distressed guitar, and  moves into a melange of found sounds and ambient nastiness and certainly ends the whole experience with the wow factor.

Vladimir the EP is released and launched with a hometown gig at Dexters Dundee on Friday 19 August (Doors 8pm, entry £5), with support from We Were Poseidon, Cha Cha Heels, Manifesto and Wildhouse. The EP will be available to buy at live shows and online via Bandcamp from Monday 22 August at

Ross tells me they will be heading south for gigs shortly I think they are definitely worth checking out live – if they anything like they sound on this EP then I suggest you will be in for a treat.

You can  follow them on Facebook:

The band contact:

Highly recommended.

Aural Delights Radio Show – 3rd August 2011

On this show:

  • The 3Ds – Sing Song – We Bury the Living – i’ve been sent a few tunes by New Zealand bands to play so I will be featuring them over the next few weeks
  • Vladimir – I Fight Fire – Single – band from Dundee
  • Moongoose – Continental Drift – Footprints – featuring the whole of this EP on this show – because it is so good… here
  • Ninetails – I.F. – Preview track from a great new EP on Superstar Destroyer which will be out on 10th October – very excited about this band who seem to be able to blend math rock with african guitar sounds and early Yes vocals….
  • Moongoose – Organic Technology – Footprints
  • Meniscus – Cursed – War of Currents – excellent new album from this Australian band
  • Moongoose – By Train – Footprints
  • The Steam Kings – Happy Full And Fond of You – from the Sleepy Music Level from Brighton
  • Medications – Long Day – Completely Removed – Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter formed the band from the ashes of Faraquet – they made an EP and we’ve had to wait five years for the latest release.
  • The Book of Knots – Microgravity – Garden of Fainting Stars -coming out on 29th August – the promo says  “The Book Of Knots has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the worlds most talented musicians, including Tom Waits, Mike Patton, David Thomas, Blixa Bargeld, Jon Langford, and Carla Bozulich. Founding members Matthias Bossi (Skeleton Key, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Joel Hamilton (producer/engineer for BlakRoc, Pretty Lights), Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat Trio, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, Frank Black, Bob Mould) forge a sound both epic and intimate, empowering and devastating. Cinematic, symphonic landscapes give way to crumbling acoustic chamber ballads. Broken guitars and beautifully warped orchestras describe the ungraceful demise of boats, blast furnaces and bloated industries. Accounts of the failed adventures of tragic would-be heroes are given voice in the band’s two previous critically-acclaimed releases. Their newest album serves as the final chapter in the bands “By Sea, By Land, By Air” trilogy. GARDEN OF FAINTING STARS gives dissonant sendoffs to the doomed travellers and early astronauts that plied the skies in a quest for the final frontier: Space. The imagined utopias that await them at the other end of their fantastical journeys inevitably give way to the grim realization which mankind has faced again and again: at every hopeful turn, commonplace realities await us. A vast and empty universe, stretching far beyond infinity, capable of containing the countless imaginary creatures, civilizations, and otherwise terrestrial impossibilities that inhabit our dreams, dies in the fluorescent lighting of the laundry soap aisle at WalMart.”
  • Moongoose – The Traveller – Footprints
  • Uncaused Creation – Anticipation – Demo – London band who sent me a demo
  • Pailhead – Ballad – Trait – a short-lived side project of the industrial metal band Ministry, which featured Ian MacKaye on vocals (formerly of The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Skewbald/Grand Union, Embrace, and Fugazi and currently of The Evens). The band’s sound was a dark combination of menacing industrial beats and hardcore punk, predating what Ministry would later do with Jello Biafra in Lard.
  • The Bilders – Alien – Beatin’ Hearts – Bilders is the professional appellation for many different groups led by New Zealand singer-songwriter Bill Direen. Direen began recording in 1978, when working as a community reporter and DJ for a provincial radio station (Radio Marlborough). He is known for literate lyrics, challenging song-subjects and a hands-on recording style that has produced “many genuine classic compositions” [John Dix, Stranded in Paradise]
Click the link below to the listen to the show…..