Fascinating Things : Issue 52

There have been some notable releases  and pre-releases received over the last few weeks many of which will be included in the Sonic Attack and Aural Delights podcasts in the near future. The following are of note and are worth checking out:

  • Kaada/Patton – Bacteria Cult (Ipecac) – orchestral avant garde pieces with the usual out there contributions from Faith No More front man Mike Patton
  • The Zenith Passage – Solipsist (Unique Leader) – Death Metal from Los Angeles – the band features current and former members of The Faceless, Fallujah and All Shall Perish.
  • Omaphagia – In The Name Of Chaoas (Unique Leader) – riff laded Swedish death metal
  • Geryon – The Wound and the Bow (Profound Lore) –  two-man NY-based avant-garde technical prog-death metal band comprised of one half of Krallice, namely bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein
  • Gris-de-Lin –  The Kick  (Noisy Little Birds / BB*Island) –  Post-rock, blues and alt-folk, peppered with twisted electronics.

Geryon 2011

Some things of interest:



No trace of cunning or guile

Once again a busy week with much new material to consider……

First up, released on October 28th are Swedish trio Honeymilk who have been compared to The Strokes but sound a bit like a modern version of Pavement to me……

The ever excellent Dope Body have released a video to tie in with their new album “Lifer” which I mentioned a couple of weeks back….

….and here is “Hired Gun” also from the album

Isis are re-issuing their excellent album Oceanic and i’d like to share a track with you but the link i’ve been given doesn’t work.

The Art of Amputation unveil AA side ‘Californian English’, described as “a stunning, synth driven masterpiece and the perfect accompaniment to the intricately layered and uplifting melody of ‘Distorted Pop Song’.

The split 7” EP from Sierra Vista, Arizona-based Fuzz Evil and Southern California’s Chiefs is out now on Battleground Records. On the A-side, the former delivers a nearly five-and-a-half minute, solid, groove-laden, heavy psych rock track, “Glitterbones.” Hailing from Sierra Vista, Arizona, the band is comprised of Wayne and Joey Rudell of Powered Wig Machine on vocals/guitar and vocals/bass, respectively, and drummer Marlin Tuttle. Flip to the B-side, and the more than five-and-a-half minute big time jam of Chiefs’ fiery “Stone Bull” lets loose. The California-based outfit, on this recording consisting of Paul Valle on vocals/guitar and Stephen Varns on drums, delivers prime, hard-hitting desert rock, as declared from the opening riff of their side of the shared release. Limited to 300 copies, the heavy grey vinyl with white splatters is cut at 45 RPM, the FUZZ side featuring artwork by David Paul Seymour and the CHIEFS side by the band’s Joey Rudell.

The Actions are a London based alt-rock duo who have been busy touring Europe and supporting Green Day. After having worked closely with Warner Chappell on their previous material, Silty and Mo have decided it was time to mix things up a bit.  The Echo combines various elements of electronica, post rock and psychedelic ambience.  It is a sonic tribute to the likes of Garbage, Underworld and Sneaker Pimps. The Echo will be available for sale and download 8th December 2014 via Niteo Records. I was a bit conflicted on this one, but it is growing on me…..

There’s a new release from Vodun which introduces their new tour – they are at Kraak gallery Manchester on the 28th if you are into their particular blend of voodoo imagery and blues rock….

West Yorkshire’s Allusondrugs hammer home the release of their self-titled EP with a brand new track and video. ‘I Should Have Gone To Uni’ is a stomping, retro grunge single inspired by the anxiety of growing up and moving on that is available as a free download from SoundCloud.