Aural Delights Overspill # 2

It’s that time again where there has been so much new stuff in that I need to post a mix on Mixcloud which features the things I just have not had time to play on the radio…….just  focusing on  new releases in 2011 herein……

1. Maybeshewill –  Accolades – I was here for a moment and then I was gone

2. Thurston Moore – Circulation – Demolished Thoughts

3. Tropic of Cancer – Dive (Wheel of the Law) – The Sorrow of Two Blooms

4. Wet Hair – Fame Hate – In Vogue Spirit

5. Hiss Golden Messenger – Isobel – From Country Hai East Cotton

6. My Morning Jacket – Victory Dance – Circuital

7. Alexander Tucker – You Are Many – Furrowed Brow

8. Cinematique – Oceanic Has Drowned – Life In An Infinite Loop

9 – Dean Wareham – I can’t wait – Anesthesia

10. The Find – Letterbomb – The Find EP

11. The Cassettes – I’ve Been Gone – I’ve Been Gone Far Too Long

12. Rival Schools – Racing to Red Light – Pedals

13. Dutch Uncles – Cadenza – Cadenza

14. Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter – Hushed By Devotion – Marble Son

15. O’Death – Look at the Sun – Outside

16. Psychedelic Horseshit – Revolution Waves – Laced

17. Several Girls Galore – Winter’s Hands – The Noise We Make

18. Youth Lagoon – Montana – The Year of Hibernation

19. The Head and the Heart – Honey Come Home – The Head and the Heart

20. The Cosmic Dead – Spice Melange Spectrum – Cosmik Tape 1

To listen click the link below

It’s the (New and Older) Leather Thing #2

A quick canter through some of the new and not so new  albums, ep’s and singles – that have been piling up for weeks – some of these will get aired on the radio show in the near future….or have been already.

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – Philosophy and Underwear (2006-Album) : been after this one for a while – as anticipated, wonderfully sleazy and quite barking mad in places. More Cramps and Gun Club than Bad Seeds. Enjoyable listen and I guess more than a little tongue in cheek. He has just finished a european tour and there is a very limited vinyl live album available called “Tahitian Holiday”.

The Cassettes – I’ve Been Gone Far Too Long (2011-EP) : A band that has escaped my attention so far – they describe themselves as Mystic Country/Steampunk. Not sure how accurate that is – this is a mix of down and dirty Americana dust-bowl blues, and more anglophile folky meanderings. The most impressive track is the sleazy “Far Too Long” – the other three tracks are bit too hokey for my taste buds, and I found my attention wandering – Bill Frisell does this sort of stuff so much better.

Wet Hair – Radiant Lines/Decay (2011- 7″) : Incredibly lo-fi Seeds derived garage rock with heavily reverbed vocals in a VU style. It would be probably be good if it was not mastered so quietly. The drums are distant and the lead organ sound dominates too much. The closing section of the A side sort of meanders off in  Can like way at the end. Promising, but at the end of the day almost impossible to listen to because of the lousy production values. Moon Duo without the cohones just about sums it up.

Hiss Golden Messenger – From Country Hai East Cotton (2009-Album) : someone else said they were a heady brew of fusion of folk, dub, jazz, blues, and rock – I got bored after a while.

The Green Pajamas – If You Knew What I Dreamed (2006 – Album) : charming pop-rock in a (north) west coast stylee – all very pleasant but it’s not going to change the world. Good playing and singing throughout. Another band that have been around for a while but just haven’t got on my radar. If I had the time I would give this more attention- but unfortunately I don’t.

The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – From the Stairwell (2011 – Album) Magnificent blend of blues, jazz, soul, dub, ambient and trip-hop. Atmospheric, cinematic, immense and aurally extremely stimulating. This collective aim to make soundtrack type music and boy do they deliver. Highly recommended!

Sage – Across Tundras – (2011 – Album) – An immense slab of loud and intense music. The opener “In the name of the River Grand” is breathtaking – the rest of the album is full of  haunting doom tinged Americana, glimpses  of traditional country blues, and very  heavy layers of psychedelia. For a trio they make a hell of a noise. Very highly recommended.