Aural Delights – 9th February 2011

This show balances newer signed material with unsigned and attempts to be as varied as possible. The music out there at the moment is a broad church and this should be reflected in the programming of the show.

Social Distortion – they have been around since 1978 and since then have been through any number of line-up changes. Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes is their 8th album.  Essentially it’s American “punk” i.e. a raw garage version of traditional rock and roll.

What?Noise – Tim Harris, Julia Adamson and Chris Nagle developed a fresh dance oriented sound in the late 80s/early 90s. The “Nuance” EP released recently delivers previously unreleased material. Reviewed elsewhere on this blog.

The Happy Soul – as reviewed elsewhere on this blog – the lyrical acoustic bluesy sounds of this artist are well worth a listen.

Sey Hollo – hails from northern Sweden and  is the solo-project of Sebastian Larsson. The music is post-rock played on “rusty guitars and organs”. The new EP is out now.

Fire Suave – a mix of alternative country, acoustic and indie rock, from the 2008 album “Sand Fastened”

Apparently We Fly – an unsigned “post hardcore” band from Derbyshire.

Robin James – born in London, December 1980, with Romany Gypsy and Argentinean roots.  His fragile, yet powerful, voice, and carefully crafted lyrics, evoke early Nick Drake.

Psycho Charger – a NYC trio with drum machine  offering up an interesting mix of styles, a blend of the Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat. From their most recent album “Mark of the Psycho”.

Spencer Cloud and the Range Brothers – a new single from one of my favourite bands of last year.

GlassHeads – unsigned band from Wigan with a new tune

Andy Hay – unsigned singer songwriter who I played on last weeks show

Seven Deadly Sins – scottish band who are well worth checking out – nice sound!

Glass Ankle – excellent Manchester band with a keen sense of melody.

Trevor Sensitive and the Locals – from the new album “Sensitive” the ever reliable and utterly groovy Birmingham style icons.

You can listen to the show through the link below

a subtle difference………

So here we are again with a release or two from that centre of recording excellence Invisiblegirl and the first on the pile is a look back to the great band What?Noise.

It’s an EP, it’s called Nuance, and what we have is  a delicious portion of beat orientated sultry ebm/industial pop. You get four tracks of hypnotic guitar music laced with samples, keyboards, and menacing vocals. Described as “four unheard songs from the early 1990s” it’s great to hear this band at their best.

The opener “Paintin'” hangs comfortably somewhere between Killing Joke, Cabaret Voltaire, and Unutterable era Fall. It has a great feel and fantastic rhythmic interplay between growling pace and dub-like drums. Crashing guitars give it added chutzpah – and is evident from the rest of the EP the band is good at “light and shade”, creating (relatively) quieter passages that add great tension to the sound.

The submarine bass of “Hoover” kicks off a memorable melange of dub styles and electro keyboards – the repetitious riffing and timely breaks are a pleasure to my ears and the guttural vocals tend towards Mal of the Cabs whereas the keyboards evoke a teutonic feel.

“Plasticine” is altogether more dance – with a funky back-beat opener that evolves into walls of synths with laconic vocals, it’s at this point you begin to ask yourself why this band didn’t have much more success than they did as this is fine stuff indeed. There is an excellent scratchy guitar on this which really drives the song along.

Closer “Dizzy” continues the dance theme with an insistent four to the floor feel that then develops into a flurry of mechanical sounds and descending chorus. Angry buzzing synths chitter across the soundscape and almost baleful vocals create a real sense of early 90s angst.

A really good release which reminds me of some of the great sounds that emerged around the end of the 80s.

Check out more detail here on this release and all of their releases here.