a hard, smooth, finish with diagonal ribs……..

Whipcord – Whipcord

You can get it from the band’s website

Out Now

The other night I was bemoaning the fact that many of our  finest local bands had not released much this year in terms of product and then I remembered that Nick Barry from Whipcord had sent me the links from the new album so I got off my indolent backside and gave it a good listen. It is very good indeed and demonstrates that the rock side of the music scene in the two cities is very healthy indeed.

If you do not know the band I can use the marvels of cut and paste to borrow some words from their website……

“Whipcord are a rock n’ roll power trio from Manchester, UK. Within the noise is a classicist rock feel, drowning in a tar pool of punk rock fury. Being described as ‘the bastard child of Motorhead and Foo Fighters’ and that ‘…of polished anarchy, not unlike The Who’s live shows’.

Formed in Ancoats, Manchester 2006, by Duncan Purcell and Nicholas Barry; Whipcord quickly gained attention on the Manchester scene for there bewildering volume and volatile lives shows which soon spread to touring endlessly around the UK. 2009 saw the release of the bands first single ‘See You & Tea’, it was also during this year the revolving door of drummers began…Enter Gaz! With his addition – truly solidifying the sound, they quickly carried on where they left off – hitting the road and the studio.

The band recently ended the year of a number of successful gigs at Club Academy Manchester, to promote there new self titled LP – a mixture of old and newer material.”

A fairly aposite description of what you get on the album however I would add to the descriptors that there is an element of Sonic Youth’s aural barrage to add to that, and Nick tends to get a bit “hardcore” or even “post-hardcore” with his vocals at times, whilst also retaining a distinct sense of melody in certain tunes.

You should expect, and you get, four to the floor hard rock with no prisoners taken and little quarter given. I would imagine the mosh-pit at one of their gigs is not a place for the faint hearted.  With tracks like “Thistledown” they demonstrate an excellent grasp of what their genre is all about and don’t bring any of the usual leather and kohl cliches. The utterly marvellous “Dread Stop Bop” also demonstrates they can make the music unique and allow it to step out of genre confines. Barry’s admiration of King Crimson is apparent from this track – and he manages to take bits of the Fripp way of doing things and move them on into a contemporary soundscape.

If you like your rock hard and with a punk edge then this is an album for you – refreshing and different enough to lift it above the usual rock tropes – and it is exceedingly loud, in a good way.

Aural Delights Radio Show – 23rd November 2011

On this show – too busy for links this week – just search for them on Facebook or Google…….

  • Andre Williams and the Goldstars – Nightclub
  • Can – Mushroom
  • Whipcord – Dread Stop Bop
  • Gnod – Tron
  • The Granite Shore – When Sleep Won’t Come
  • The Jar Family – In for a penny
  • Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Gun and the E-Kid – Shoot!
  • Pete and the Pirates – Ill  Love – Little Death
  • West Coast Sick Line – No Wife No Kids
  • Otalgia – Demi Stars
  • Crystal Stilts – Still As The Night
  • This City of Takers – This City Is A Pipe Bomb
  • Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want for Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
  • Half Man Half Biscuit – The Trumpton Riots

To listen click the link below

Salford Music Scene – 19th July 2011

Mostly gig previews again this time around…..

AAAK – We Fall  Alone – The Collection –  a recent remake/remix of this tune with additional vocals from Tamsin and guitar from Neil Rowbotham.

Forthcoming gigs …..

22nd July –  The Galleon Bar, Blackpool

29th July – Helmets for Men, Islington Mill, Salford – with Humanizer and Madpack

16th December – Bimfest, Antwerp

Mr Heart – Boredom’s Device – The Hide EP – still not found a bass player since the departure of Kin, for a forthcoming gig one Ding will be the special guest bassist.

Whipcord – I got ahead in my head my headlines I make – this lot are growing on me rapidly.

Forthcoming Gig – 21st July, Ruby Lounge, Manchester with Mr Heart

The Taser Puppets – Slow Death By Karaoke – supporting The Blimp (see next) on a forthcoming mini-tour of the North-West. I know not a jot about them other than the singist is from Chorley – which is a fascinating place with many roundabouts.

The Blimp – 50CC No Silencer – Curse Curse Bang Bang – one of the most exciting live bands around with a pop classic from their debut album.

Gigs coming up….

22 July – The Railway, 20 Steeley Lane Chorley Lancashire PR6 0RD…..with the Taser Puppets

30th July – The Crescent, The Crescent, Salford with The Hamsters and Baby Strange

14th August – Dog & Partridge 44 Friargate Preston Lancashire PR1 2AT….with the Taser Puppets

18th August – The Imperial 59 Union Street, Chorley PR7 1AB…..with the Taser Puppets

8th October – Guzzlin Goose 115 Bentinck Street, Ashton under lyne, OL6 7SN…..with the Taser Puppets and Danny Cusick’s Kit B.

Vinny Peculiar – Judy Wood/Something or Nothing – a couple of session tracks from the mighty Vinny recorded on the Becs Marshall show. Both from the latest album which is rather marvellous.

Class Actions – Hooligan Sound – Con Dem Killers Mixtape – a radio edit of the opening track from their free download mixtape from their site.

Madpack – It’s Official – Swinton’s finest mashing it up and having a go at some deserving targets. Check them out at Islington Mill on 29th July at the next Helmets for Men extravanganza as are….

Humanizer – 4th Feb  ’02


AAAK –  Pain Amplifier

but not

Shanty Town – Follow Me

and to close….. a weekly slice of Fall goodness

The Fall – Gross Chapel/GB Grenadiers – Bend Sinister – magnificent riffs and chords from Brix and Craig on this……

To listen then click that link……….

Salford Music Scene – 5th July 2011

Spot the silly mistake again on this show when I describe Still Down Gill  as Sit Down Gill – I’ve have no idea why I did this but I seemed to have got stuck in my head that they were called that – probably cause Kev Morel sits down when he plays his bongos, well that’s my excuse anyway. On this one I concentrate on the new Vinny Peculiar album whic h was released the day before the show was broadcast……anyway here we go again…..

  1. The Black Knights – Midnight in the Mausoleum – Fuck You Very Much : The Death of the The Black Knights – the swan-song from the dynamic duo who are now The Calimocho Club. Available as a free download from Bandcamp. Helmets have the new band lined up for a gig at The Kings Arms in Salford in August.
  2. Toska Wilde – I Am (Your Temptation) – from a forthcoming limited edition album called “Cindy Darling” this features Brucie from The Get. A definitely harder edge and more dance oriented tune from Toska.
  3. The Souls – Caught In A Whisper – not played anything from these lads for a while so I was pleased to get this version of this fab tune.
  4. Vinny Peculiar – A Vision/Art Thief – two tracks back to back from Vinny’s new album “Other People Like Me” which is rather excellent. You can get it from the usual download outlets.
  5. The Happy Fallen – Deadbeat Disco – NJ is back with another great tune.
  6. No Tokyo – Ego Healer – got this in as a demo and was impressed by their mix of funky bass and indie guitar.
  7. Toska Wilde – All Men Want Me – a radio edit according to Toska.
  8. Whipcord – Mista Vista – they are playing a gig at Ruby Lounge in a couple of week with Mr Heart.
  9. Still Down Gill – City Limit Sisters – got this via Tony Thornborough. Two ex Jannocks in this line up with is a good place to start. A modern take on a bluesy 600s/70s sound.
  10. Shanty Town – A Day In The Life of Edward – thanks to Mr Coupe for these tracks, another Facebook friend request sent and not responded to as yet – never mind. A fine band from Salford.
  11. Vinny Peculiar – Christo & John-Claude/Something and Nothing – another couple of tracks from Vinny.
  12. The Fall – Birthday Song – it’s getting to be a bit of a fixture to finish the show with a Fall tune. This is one from the recently released remastered version of the Marshall Suite. The Fall in reflective mood with excellent keyboards from Julia Adamson.
 Click the link below to listen

Salford Music Scene – 5th July 2011 by Bobonscr on Mixcloud

Salford Music Scene – 28th June 2011

Mostly about previewing gigs this week……

  1. Silver Sound Explosion – Sidekicks – new single and rather fine it is to…..a trio featuring the ever busy Mr Chris Dutton on the bass guitar
  2. Positronik – Superheavy (Party’s Gunna Soon Be Over) …… another trio arising from the ashes of Pearl Davies and delivering some of funkiest tunes this side of the Irwell….
  3. AAAK – Out Here ….. demo track from the mighty Ding…..excellent
  4. Kranius – My Darkened Soul…. from the Evilution album which you can get from Bandcamp
  5. Whipcord – I Get Ahead In My Head My Headlines I make – alternative rock from the mighty Whipcord. They say “Doobie Brothers in Bad Brains t-shirts, whistling The Hollies on the way to a Pentagram gig, reading The Wire”. That’ll do for me.
  6. John Herring – Don’t Go …. a live track from John as a preview to his special gig at Sacred Trinity Church on Friday July 1st. Where he will be supported by…..
  7. Love Locked Out – All Her Lovers ….. and
  8. Quiet Rebellion – Hitcher In My Soul
  9. Silver Sound Explosion – Telephone Wired – the other side of the new single
  10. The Fall – This Perfect Day – The Marshall Suite Reissue – nice to hear this again, not so sure about the remastering though, seems a bit bass heavy.
  11. Positronik – Give Me Some Passion – Demo
  12. John Herring – City Boy – Live
  13. Kranius – Futures End – Evilution
To listen in click on the link below